Parents unbearable long-term mental illness will scold daughter killed was transferred to the prosec-footman

Parents unbearable long-term mental illness will scold daughter killed was transferred to the prosecution – Beijing, Beijing, Kunming, September 29, (Zhou Congyan) Yunnan Qujing a couple of extremely long beatings and daughter psychiatric nuisance, it killed. Reporters on the 29 day from Yunnan Qilin District People’s Procuratorate was informed that the hospital accepted the prosecution of this case, the parents will be killed in their daughter’s criminal case of the case of the. In April 26, 2016, kylin District of Qujing City, Yue Zhou Zhen West Community villagers Xue Moumou and his wife in the opposite side of the ground and pull their boom Megan, which saw their own in the edge of the boom of Abies trees hung with some bright paper and film, ready to clean up. When approached and found some bedding, shoes and other objects in the boom below, when cleaning up debris from the bow suddenly fell out of a foot, Xue Moumou suddenly stunned, immediately called his wife to see what. Once again confirmed, bedding wrapped in a woman’s body, Xue Moumou alarm call. After receiving the alarm, police immediately rushed to the scene to carry out investigation work, from the victim clothes pocket found a note with the phone number of the note, in accordance with the note number after dialing, answering the phone call a man dead may reflect Xu, mental illness, is a niece of themselves, and provides Xu Moujia the domicile of the investigator. In April 27th, investigators rushed to a home to Xu, Xu Moujia’s parents asked Xu moujia whereabouts, two people on the whereabouts of a Xu is not a contradiction and. To further clarify the facts, exclusion, investigators will be in accordance with the law two people summoned to the police station where the jurisdiction of investigation, Xu Moujia’s father Xu Mouyi, mother Wang Moumou truthfully confessed the killing of two people will Xu Moujia and discard the facts of the crime. According to reports, the victim Xu Moujia appeared ill symptoms since junior high school, in the village without smashing things, hit or swear. After high school, began to speak more frequently lied, hit or swear situation. After graduating from high school during the school at home, were also seeking treatment, but were not improved, and more serious illness, light on the family and neighbors are abusive, heavy knife Lane ax, wanton thwarted arson, causing physical damage to the family and neighbors. Unable to continue to put up with Xu Moujia’s behavior, Xu Mouyi, Wang Moumou husband and wife two people then discuss the daughter killed. April 23, 2016 at 1 pm, two people while Xu a sleeping machine, by Xu Mouyi hand grabbed Xu Moujia by the throat, Wang Moumou aside hold the hands of Xu Moujia Xu Moujia, the two together will be strangled, followed by an electric tricycle in Xu Moujia’s body together with its daily life items to kylin area more Zhou Zhen West Community Haizi boom by discarded. Due to two suspects can be sentenced to life imprisonment or more punishment, recently, the district has been in procuratorate suspects suspected of murder submitted to the Qujing Municipal People’s Procuratorate for prosecution. (end)相关的主题文章: