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Peak Showdown: iPhone 7 vs Note 7 who is faster? IPhone 7 vs Note Phoenix Science and technology news Beijing time on September 29th news, as apple and Samsung’s latest flagship, iPhone 7 and Note, respectively, on behalf of the top level of iOS and Android camp in the 7. Before we buy, many people may ask: who is faster between them? IPhone 7 this year, iPhone is equipped with a new apple A10 processor, the speed of the previous generation to enhance the performance of the 40%, there are also significantly enhanced by the. System, iPhone 7 preloaded with the latest iOS 10 system, not only has a variety of details on the optimization, in terms of speed is faster than before. 7 Samsung Note Note 7 equipped Xiaolong 820 processor, 4GB ram +64GB fuselage storage, in terms of configuration is the top. In addition, Note 7 is also the first time the introduction of hyperbolic screen design, with the Note series unique handwriting board, more rich in functionality, but also more in line with the business needs of mobile office. Among the two flagship, in the end who is better? Look at the video contrast test! (compile ambition)相关的主题文章: