Philippine media China and Huangyan have not reached a consensus on the island refused to be conditi-dingxiangwuyuetian

Philippine media: Philippines did not reach a consensus on the Huangyan island of China rejected conditions – Sohu Military Channel text with map: the president of Philippines Duthel Te. President Duthel Te of Philippines on October 18th to 21, a state visit to China, its pro Chinese policy is seen as a major advance in the relationship between China and the philippines. In October 23rd, Duthel Te in Philippines said, "maybe" Philippines fishermen can count on after the return to Huangyan Island fishing, but he did not say whether this is a condition of china. He said that during his visit to adhere to the position of the Huangyan island of Philippines, and discuss differences with Chinese leaders. However, according to the Philippines Gazette reported on October 28th, China and Manila did not reach a final agreement on the issue of Philippines fishermen fishing back to the island of Huangyan. According to the Philippines party leader Kaba Yan Roque said, the reason is that Philippines can not accept the Chinese use China "approved" and "allow" Philippines fishermen in Huangyan Island fishing is in agreement. Rock is one of the accompanying officials and Duthel Te’s visit to china. He said that the two sides have agreed in principle Philippines fishermen in the disputed waters fishing, however Chinese in the agreement "wording" so that the two sides can not reach a consensus agreement, Philippines does not accept the so-called "Chinese permit" and "allow" Philippines fishermen’s argument, saying it is against Hague in July this year, the International Court of arbitration verdict the island of Huangyan to Philippines, Vietnam and China common "traditional fishing grounds", does not belong to any country’s results. Luo believes that the wording of the Chinese side to strengthen its position, Philippines does not accept. China has said the results of the South China Sea arbitration invalid. Luo also suggested that the better argument is that China "admitted" Philippines fishermen have the right to fish in the waters. But he also said that this may also cause other problems, because it will be similar to the wording of the ruling content. However, according to Duthel Te’s statement on the 23 day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang on the 24 day of the regular press conference also said in the meeting with President Duthel Te, President Xi Jinping pointed out that in most of the time since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in both countries in the South China Sea issues through bilateral dialogue and consultation and properly control differences, this is worth promoting political wisdom, but also be able to continue the successful practice, is an important consensus on the basis of the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations to ensure that the. On this basis, the two sides can exchange candid views on all issues, the differences between the management and control, to talk about cooperation. In the Philippines in the joint statement, the two sides have clearly jointly announced that the Philippines to the South China Sea involving their current and other concerns to maintain consultations related issues; among all the Philippines, in both sufficient political will, will be solved.相关的主题文章: