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UnCategorized Power tools are a great convenience for anyone. From the professional carpenter to the weekend Mr. Fix It, anyone using a power tool can appreciate its usefulness and convenience no matter how big or small the job may be. That’s why, when a power tool battery goes dead, the tool becomes virtually useless and the situation turns very frustrating in a hurry. Luckily, tool batteries can be recharged and used over and over. However, the battery will eventually run its course and fail to charge up again after dying. When this happens, the batteries must be reconditioned, replaced, or rebuilt. Reconditioning is somewhat hit and miss. If the battery has been dead for a short period of time, some places will connect it to a machine that will charge/discharge the battery several times to try to bring it back to life. If the battery has been dead for a long time, this rarely does any good. Replacement power tool batteries can sometimes cost more than the customer is willing to spend, especially when purchasing OEM batteries from the manufacturer. For many people, rebuilding batteries is the option of choice. You may be surprised to learn that power tool batteries are actually made up of many smaller cells found inside the hard plastic casing that you see. These power tool battery cells are usually a little smaller than a C size battery and the number found in the battery depends on the overall voltage rating of the battery. The cost effectiveness of rebuilding tool batteries comes from replacing these cells only, leaving the casing, wires, and contacts of the original battery intact. A technician spot-welds these cells together in the exact same configuration as the original power tool battery and reconnects the wires and contacts to complete the rebuild. Besides the price of a rebuild, the other major advantages are quality and capacity. Most rebuilders will guarantee their work for several months, effectively extending the warranty that may have come with the battery originally. Regardless of the warranty, however, most rebuilt batteries are more likely to last because they are assembled by a single technician instead of mass-produced in a factory. Each battery receives individual attention and should stand the test of time very well. In addition, many battery rebuilders will give the option of using stronger cells when rebuilding the battery. This will increase the run time of the battery without changing anything else except the time it takes to charge the battery, which will also increase slightly. If you feel up to trying to rebuild the battery yourself, many retailers also sell the individual power tool battery cells to consumers for this purpose. Of course, anyone wishing to attempt this should make sure they have all the necessary equipment and technical skills necessary to perform a successful rebuild without accidents or malfunctions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: