Practical joke kiss 11 years after the 7 remake protagonist full substitution-lformat

Practical joke "kiss" 11 years after the 7 remake of protagonist Sina entertainment full substitution news according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan classic idol drama "practical joke kiss" in 2005 by Ariel Lin Joseph Cheng, [micro-blog] [micro-blog] co star, a high popularity in Asia, after Japan and South Korea, Thailand and other 8 remake and after 11 years apart, producer Wang Xingui decided to cast 9 remake, almost all of the younger generation, the following inventory of new and old version of "kiss" practical joke in seven roles and actors were compared. A river, Joe (Joseph Cheng) and Jiang Zhishu (Li Yuxi) was originally played by Joseph Cheng’s genius River Naoki, in the new version of "kiss" practical joke, by the movie "my girl" after the explosion of red Li Yuxi plays, performance IQ200 student, face yourself until finally the first actor "role, and is to reproduce the classic works, previously the respondents admitted a lot of pressure," I don’t see Joseph Cheng version of the TV series, only a little bit." Two, Yuan Xiangqin (Ariel Lin) / (Wu Xinti) originally by the "morning God", as the role of the play in the bud and naive brilliant acting, is still impressive, and so on, as far as possible. (), and so on. In the new version of the change because of "Mandy" advertising burst Wu Xinti interpretation of red, lovely appearance is in line with the heroine "Yueqin" image, that they want to challenge the role, it is revealed that he saw a different version of "kiss" to try to figure out the practical joke. Three, Jin Yuanfeng (Jiro Wang [micro-blog]) / Jin Zhizhu (palace to Teng) Jiro Wang past performances, "Jin Yuanfeng (A Jin)" angle, has staged many funny plots in the play, the pursuit of the heroine’s affectionate fling caution to the winds image is deeply rooted in people’s mind. In the new version of "practical joke kiss", by the 23 year old actor Gong Teng played with meat, he used as an emergency room doctor in "Nie Xiaoqian", and then open the visibility, in order to show Kim corner, specially push yourself to the gym every day running, weight loss, weight training, and on the boxing class, make the body becomes more lean. Four, Pei Ziyu (Tiffany Hsu [micro-blog]) / Wu Ziyu (Xi Weilun) "rich" Pei Ziyu originally played by Tiffany Hsu, who plays a strong rival actress, not only looks rosy, ability is quite strong. In the new version of the change from modeling background new seats Weilun interpretation itself has high cold temperament by the producer a phase, Taiwan media day before, after the filming has revealed considerable pressure, therefore had insomnia: "every day thinking about how to interpret the role, worried about being unable to do, thinking about the dawn also, multi reference to a lot of Princess role, try to figure out the mood." Five, Jiang Yushu (Zhang Baihan) and Jiang Yushu (Shen Changhong) actor brother Jiang Yushu originally played by Zhang Baihan, although in the mouth super bad, often sarcastic bully, Ariel, but the heart is very gentle and kind, was eventually the heroine’s folly and sincerity touched. As in the new version has been replaced by 12 year old boy Shen Changhong, he used to participate in many MV works, including Jay Chou "listening to his father’s words," May day "sad people do not listen to the slow song", known as "M.相关的主题文章: