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Female students tuition cheated light called the family’s sudden death in good health – Beijing a few days in September 1st, the first day of school, but in the Luozhuang District of Shandong city in Linyi Tan Cun, Xu Yuyu college at the age of 18, but because of receiving telecommunications fraud claims, can issue grants for Gospel truth, cheated light nearly a million yuan of tuition fees. Xu Yuyu was very sad after the alarm suddenly collapsed, and ultimately because of cardiac arrest, left the world. Telephone fraud claim Bureau of education grants to bank card Xu Yuyu is this year’s graduates, not long ago, she received the admission notice of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications majoring in English, about to enter the university campus, to start a new life, but everything was changed to a telephone fraud. He said that the Bureau of education, grants, the last day, said to get your school card number as soon as possible, to the bank to give you the money to fight in the past." Xu Yuyu’s father, Mr. Xu recalled. 19 at half past four in the afternoon, Xu Yuyu’s mother received a phone call, the other said as soon as possible to Yu Yu issued a grant of $2600, and then she took the tuition card arrived at the nearby bank. Nearly 10000 yuan tuition to cheat that girl heartbroken father Xu fooled memories: "she put the card inside, two said no, the swindler and call your card is not activated, you can change the bank." As a result, Xu Yuyu then came to another bank, in front of the automatic teller machine, jade jade according to the requirements of the other side, the father prepared to go to the other side of the tuition account. "She took 9 thousand and 9, (other) that you make money to my number, I along with your tuition fees and 2600 yuan a piece of student to call you." Half an hour later, still not to transfer the message Xu Yuyu, quickly dialed the phone, but this time, the number has become empty, Xu Yuyu realized that he cheated, after the home feel very depressed, wept with anger. Later, my father came home, Xu Yuyu thought of the police, this time is more than 8 points in the 19 night, call the police calls, confirm the personnel on duty, Xu Yuyu and his father go to the police station. On the way home, suddenly coma rescue still powerless Xu Yuyu’s mother did not think his daughter watched and her husband went to the police, but this not, has become a go, home is still good daughter, that night because of respiratory and cardiac arrest and died. Xu father recalls: "to finish the record of her own on the car, the car out of the police station to go less than two minutes, I found she fell on a tricycle, I didn’t call her reaction." Daughter after the coma, Mr. Xu to call the 120 emergency call with the help of passers-by, in the Luozhuang District Central Hospital, after 1.5 hours of rescue, Xu Yuyu heart recovery, but breathing and consciousness has not recovered. Due to miss the best time to rescue, although the intensive care unit doctors to rescue, but two days later, the evening of 21, Xu Yuyu died of respiratory or cardiac arrest. The family was hard thrifty girl sensible performance has been among the best.相关的主题文章: