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Qianhai DreamWorks Park to meet Hongkong young entrepreneurs settled tide – Guangdong Channel – people.com.cn original title: Qianhai DreamWorks Park to meet Hongkong young entrepreneurs settled in 2016 of the "double tide" week and the second Shenzhen international passenger Week kicked off. In October 6th, reporters from the Hong Kong Sea youth dream factory recently learned that the park once again usher in a wave of Hongkong incubator and the team settled peak. As of now, DreamWorks has hatched Shenzhen entrepreneurial team 163, which Hongkong entrepreneurial team reach as much as 71. DreamWorks incubator team, more than 60% of the seed wheel has been obtained, angel round, A round or even hundreds of thousands of yuan C round of financing ranging from one hundred million yuan. Hongkong art and Culture Youth Association is a professional organization of Hongkong film and television production team. On the eve of the national day, the association has just signed a cooperation agreement settled in Qianhai DreamWorks, and many from Hongkong’s professional associations, institutions, like to join the tide of entrepreneurship in Qianhai. Huang Wenjian, President of the association, said in an interview with reporters, the incubator will be committed to attracting the Hongkong film and television creative team to Qianhai incubator. The first to bring 6 Hongkong local team, focused on creative culture, animation, film and television production direction, will be in Qianhai after six months to a year of incubation, to be mature to the mainland market. In Huang Wenjian view, similar to the geographical and cultural, so that the text of the field can be relatively easy to create good products and services to Shenzhen exports to Hongkong. Shenzhen and the mainland market is broad, it gives Hongkong entrepreneurs rare development space. In addition, Shenzhen is also one of the most multicultural city, the policy of openness, attention to youth, culture and entrepreneurship. So we adhere to the ground to Qianhai, I believe the two young people will complement each other." Huang Wenjian said. Huang Wenjian suggested that young people in Hongkong now, but don’t know much about Shenzhen and the mainland, I hope the relevant departments in addition to providing help in terms of hardware, but also in terms of information, market development and other support. A new batch of settled in Qianhai team, the Hongkong Tesla technology company currently heady. This home from the Hongkong science and technology park enterprise invented the "dog enlightenment computer", in large U.S. startups before the event by U.S. media praise. The touch-screen computer with electronic food dispenser and camera function, built-in games, for entertainment and interaction with host dog. "We are very valued Shenzhen hardware environment, hardware development team is ready to move to Qianhai, software development and sales in Hongkong, hoping to leverage on both sides, put into operation next year." The company partner Liu Wenxiang said. (reporter Cao Song) (commissioning editor Li Shiyan and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: