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Quanzhou three year old adorable baby has "The Brain" cited national onlookers at the age of 3 adorable baby has "The Brain", not only recognize nearly 300 flags, also know more than 300 logo. The eidetic memory kids in Quanzhou named Sun Zhenjun, attended the day before the famous show host Meng Fei presided over the "great" children, overnight attracted millions of users onlookers. (reporter Li Jing) three year old baby on the strongest of the brain program Meng Meng turned over the audience, the children were born in June 2013, this year, age of 3 years old in. In the evening of 22 broadcast of "the great child", he used the Fujian accent "Quanzhou" two words video adorable turned a public users, superior memory so that everyone is amazed. Yesterday, the reporter linked to the Sun Zhenjun children’s father sun. Mr. Sun told reporters that he is a Ningde man, his wife is Jinjiang gold well, the family lives in Shanghai. On weekdays, small vibration can be described as cute Sun Jun, father and mother sun friends called him "innocent and lively, cheerful and confident". Although young, but a small vibration in the program in Jun 224 paintings and 224 national emblem and flag in front of no warning panels, can say to each country’s name. In addition, he can recognize more than 300 logo, will back more than and 40 ancient poetry, "Three Character Classic" almost full back. In March this year, began to recognize the small vibration Jun words, has already learned more than 600 Chinese characters. 20 months will be able to recognize the logo of "let it be" parents education "program or some shy, not good at rehearsal. I have collected a number of countries, including the United Nations, the European Union and other Union flags, a total of 308, he can now recognize more than 290." Sun Baba said. In fact, Sun Zhenjun at age 2 could identify the national flag and the national emblem. At that time, the sun father bought the national flag small card, found that the vibration Jun was interested, just one month can recognize more than and 100. "20 months, when he and we went out to recognize the Mercedes Benz and BMW cars. At that time, no one taught him, he should be in the process of adult chat remember." Sun Baba said that Sun Zhenjun’s observation and memory is very prominent. After going out, Sun Zhenjun would ask Mom and dad on the road car brand. "He really is" one hundred thousand why ", later, many car we adults also do not understand, can only tell him immediately after Baidu. Many people say that he is Shanghai’s smallest car fancier." Sun Baba said. Although very early found Sun Zhenjun in the memory of the talent, but the sun did not force his father to learn more knowledge, weekdays pay more attention to the education of children to be sensible and polite. He believes that learning or education is based on interest, everything goes with the flow, take more children out of contact with new things, to answer their "why". Each child has a different character and talent, so young children should be guided by the fun and fun to learn and grow. (editor Zhang Cai) >相关的主题文章: