Quiet was kicked out of the noise, Xiamen Jimei residents soon collapsed-htc802w

"Quiet" by the noise out of the house of Xiamen Jimei district residents Wen Guopeng quick collapse of Ms. Liu: Jimei District Xinglin light Binhai garden has been the glass factory and dump the noise pollution, garbage dump also Jeeves, affect the community travel and security. Once the fire broke out, the residential buildings separated from each other would be disastrous. The residents in the community repeatedly reflected that the relevant units did not deal with the results, and the residents collapsed soon! (October 31st "Strait Herald") "quietly" by the noise out of the house, residents looking for can not find, burning with impatience collapse can understand the feelings, but people can not understand is, why it is nobody? It is said that the district residents repeatedly reflect to the relevant units, but unfortunately, has not been processed, the noise pollution is not only lawless and unmanned? We are really curious, what is the so-called "related units" where is sacred? Why is it so difficult? Since the residents can find the door, that is, "the relevant units" have come forward to support their own reasons, why are you so disappointing performance? Step back and say, even if people worship the wrong temple, it is not within your jurisdiction, is not for the residents of the way, strive to help you get rid of the noise of the sea? How can I just quietly watching people suffering? The relevant units such attitude drag makers fall in the eyes of some noise, will pass out what kind of signal? I will not be ashamed, let people return of the prodigal son. Released in June this year the Xiamen environmental examination single display, the environment of Xiamen is the air quality is good, the most tangled Bang Bang Da, is a noisy sound environment is relatively poor, an increase of 36 km road. And from the usual public Tucao point of view, the noise is also the highlight". The beauty of Xiamen, "a quiet man" can not become the residents expect, on the contrary, people more rational righteousness request right. Because of this, it highlights the necessity and urgency of declaring war on noise. Noise is not the existence of the public mind and pleasure, the management department needs to take the greatest determination and strength to punish, what reason has no reason to manage it? Who’s responsible who come back, the hand when the hand, please management department don’t vague.

“静静”被噪音赶出家门 厦门集美小区居民快崩溃 □温国鹏   刘女士:集美区杏林光明里滨海花园一直受到玻璃厂和垃圾场的噪音污染,垃圾场还占道经营,影响小区出行和安全。一旦引起火灾,与之相隔的居民楼后果不堪设想,小区居民多次反映给相关单位都没有处理结果,居民快崩溃了!(10月31日《海峡导报》)   “静静”被噪音赶出了家门,居民四处找也找不到,心急火燎快要崩溃了的心情可以理解,但让大家不能理解的是,为什么这事儿就是没人管呢?据说,小区居民多次向相关单位反映,可遗憾的是,却一直没有处理结果,难道噪音污染不仅无法无天而且无人管?   我们真的很好奇,这所谓的“相关单位”究竟是何方神圣?为什么这么难请?居民既然能找上门去,就是觉得“有关单位”有出面给自己撑腰的理由,为什么你的表现却这么令人失望?退一步讲,即使居民拜错了庙,这事儿不在你的管辖范围之内,是不是也该给居民指条明路,争取帮大家早日脱离噪音的苦海?怎么好意思就这么静静地看着居民受煎熬?相关单位这样拖拖拉拉的态度落在某些噪音制造者眼里,又会传递出一种什么样的信号?反正绝对不会是让人家羞愧不已、浪子回头。   今年6月份出炉的厦门环境体检单显示,厦门的环境是美美哒,空气质量是棒棒哒,最让人纠结的就是声环境相对较差,较吵路段增加了36公里。而从平时市民的吐槽来看,噪音也是“重头戏”。美丽的厦门,“做一个安静的美男子”不能成为居民的奢望,相反,市民倒更有理直气壮提要求的权利。正因为如此,才更加凸显了对噪音宣战的必要性和紧迫感。噪音并不是个令市民身心愉悦的存在,需要管理部门拿出最大的决心和力度去整治,有什么理由没人管呢?   谁的责任谁过来背起来,该出手时就出手,请管理部门别再含糊了。相关的主题文章: