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In the practice of a variety of foot for speed – attack combination Beijing in accordance with the original plan, the Qatar team take charter flights on the morning of 13 10 o’clock arrived in Kunming, then in the afternoon to the outfield Tuodong stadium to adapt to training, but who also did not expect that Qatar’s Charter for failing to get the long water Kunming airport landing the license, so only landed in Thailand Bangkok, and then take the flight to Kunming, so the Qatar team arrived in time until the morning of the 14 day, the scheduled 13 days afternoon training was forced to cancel. At the same time, the country began to speed up preparations for the war, Lippi closed training, the interpretation of a variety of offensive combinations. Yangzi Evening News reporter Huang Qiyuan "lose the first battle" to cancel training opponents in fact, the rich Qatar team will determine the charter travel plan in early. According to the original plan, Qatar plans to start 13, from Doha to Kunming, arrived in Kunming after the distance from the game there are about 2 days, the players can adapt to the plateau climate. The time of arrival is scheduled and charter flights on the 13 day morning at about 10, and 4 in the afternoon the team will go to the East extension of the stadium adaptive training, however, Qatar team by Qatar Airlines, which does not have Doha – Kunming route permit. Therefore, the line is not recognized by the Civil Aviation Administration, Qatar’s charter no way to landing in Kunming long water airport. In this case, the Qatari side has repeatedly called the Chinese Football Association, I hope the Chinese Football Association to come forward to coordinate the matter, to be able to issue a route permit card airlines. After getting the demand, the Chinese Football Association convened several meetings convened by the parties, and even for the issue of route permits to the Ministry of foreign affairs, but ultimately failed due to various reasons. Qatar’s charter flights to Kunming failed, the team finally only from Doha to fly to Thailand in Bangkok, Bangkok airport ride airliner to fly to Kunming, arrived in Kunming time is 5 points in the morning of the 14 day. As a result, the Qatar team in the card before the war, only 14 days a day to adapt. It is understood that the Qatar team for a Kunming charter cannot land was angry, but Chinese FA and the parties have done their best to help coordinate and solve problems, and no license from a route failure of qatar. In fact, last year China team played 40 match away with Bhutan’s game, the football association has also been put forward Chinese charter flights to the Bhutanese capital of Thimphu, but also because of Bhutan proposed Air China has no flight license does not allow the plane to land, so Chinese team helpless ride airliner arrived. Therefore, in this matter, the Chinese Football Association does not deliberately set up obstacles, all the problems in Qatar itself. Qatar’s flight in the morning of 14 arrived in Kunming, so the team was originally scheduled for the afternoon of 13 was forced to cancel the training, which also disrupted the full plan of the Qatar team. National football training! Interpretation of a variety of offensive combinations actually from the beginning of November 11th, the national team officially transferred to the war on the preparation of the card. Coach Lippi not only arranged a day two practice, and in the training content more intensity and targeted. Although in.相关的主题文章: