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Remember the General Secretary Xi exhortations, accelerate the pace of poverty reduction in Sichuan – Beijing Nafangwang hearing (reporter Lin Lili) General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that poverty alleviation is accurate, is accurate in precision to success". Therefore, the Sichuan Province, conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping of poverty alleviation and development strategy and the provincial government’s major decisions and arrangements, centering on the "two, three, four do not worry about the security of a good goal, further promote accurate poverty alleviation, precise poverty, and achieved good results. This is the Sichuan province since the first year of poverty alleviation, poor counties and poor villages Zhaimao exit, is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army, in addition to 2350 villages in 5 counties across the province, the poverty alleviation war of the same year in which, like a raging fire, march on the road in the old revolutionary base areas to escape from poverty Ben Kang spare no effort to catch up on the road. In May this year, Vice Premier Wang to Sichuan research work in tackling poverty in minority areas, fully affirmed the Sichuan provincial poverty battle target design well, grasp the standard well, cadres selected well, good policy. A good leader and lay a solid foundation of poverty poverty Hongxing Village of scientific breeding demonstration base Tongwei duck model (Washington Lin Lili photo) first Secretary of Hongxing Village He Ping told reporters around the village of new changes. (Washington Lin Lili photo) the development of varieties of walnut, the modular construction of acres of ginger planting base, the replacement of tap water pipeline…… In September 11th, 2016 "long road to well-off society" network media "go turn change" theme interviews Sichuan station team came to star in Lushan County village of Ya’an City, the new change of Hongxing Village first secretary He Ping to the friends of the press around the village of red star. He Ping stressed that poverty is not a short-term behavior, it is necessary to have a long-term plan to become rich and project protection, the development of the industry is fundamental, the length of the combination of short fill long is a measure. The reporter understands, Hongxing Village relying on "good farmer" family farms, the establishment of the new farmer planting vegetable farmer cooperatives, planting 300 acres of grape kiwi, more than 50 acres, the slaughter of ducks was 500 thousand, more than 150 pigs. Among them, the precise poverty alleviation of Hongxing Village take "branch + cooperative + + rich leaders helping poor households" model, mainly include: land rental assistance, employment assistance, development aid, economic assistance and other collective mode, with precise poverty as an opportunity to accelerate the development of the Red Star Village, help Hongxing Village gradually change from a poor village to happy beautiful village. Not only in the field of Hongxing Village poverty alleviation war accelerated the pace of development, Bai Gang group also not resigned to playing second fiddle…… "company + cooperative + farmer" new model of poverty alleviation new ways of reconstruction of the Bai Gang group (South Lin Lili photo) after April 20, 2013, the earthquake shook the land has always been the concern of the party and the government and hundreds of millions of people’s hearts…… 3 years after the white grass Gang group, Huanran everywhere is a optimistic and confident face and building up the houses and buildings. All this should be attributed to each pair for relief and reconstruction, out of hand, and every minute to achieve the rebirth of the Ya’an charity. During the two sessions this year, Premier Li Keqiang.相关的主题文章: