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Review China (history to commemorate the revolution tour) – Society – Mao Zedong Memorial Hall in Shaoshan to reproduce the Mao Zedong in Zhongnanhai fengzeyuan restaurant, the restaurant is the most books up to display. Newspaper reporter Sun Chao photo from Changsha, go west more than and 70 km drive to arrive in a castle surrounded by local — Comrade Mao Zedong’s hometown of Shaoshan. In order to commemorate the main founders and leaders of the people’s Republic of China, every year from around the country and the world are in a continuous line, people come here, see the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the former residence of the statue, and he had lived. Comrade Mao Zedong Memorial Hall in Shaoshan is mainly divided into two parts: "life Museum" and "relic Museum". Among them, the permanent exhibition of "Mao Zedong out of China" is not only the introduction of Comrade Mao Zedong’s life, but also the history of the Chinese revolution. Mao Zedong teenager jiyangwenzi, silhouetted against the Chinese complex thought pattern at that time; during the period of Jinggangshan optimistic, the Communist Party is to show China rural areas surrounding the city line thrive; strategizing Yanan period, shows the Chinese Communist Party in the liberation war further mature; Xibaipo period self warned, highlighting the history the spirit of the exam. If the introduction of the life of the main picture and text to show people in the book and the film of Mao Zedong, then the Relics Museum of the more than 6 thousand kind, in another way to tell a lot of unknown stories. Here, you can see Mao Zedong met with British Prime Minister Attlee put on the patch pants, to see for the convenience and convenience of the use of the shirt collar. This is a head of state thrift and self-discipline. People can also see half of the pencil, wear racket, calligraphy paper, unopened liquor. See a down pillow Song Qingling sent Mao Zedong, and Zhou presbyopic glasses to send, send Guo Moruo a small watch. The revolutionaries of the older generation of fun and communication, in between these objects, suddenly become fresh and plump. From the last to leave home, until the death of dozens of years, Mao Zedong returned to Shaoshan a total of two times. Show Memorial in his hometown to do things, but with their own money to relatives or friends some relief, please eat a meal, but people still remember him home. Not far from the memorial place, is the former residence of Comrade Mao Zedong. Yellow soil a few bungalows, facing a beautiful lotus pond and rice. People may not know, 100 years ago, Shaoshan Chong is also so beautiful, but it is obvious to people, Mao Zedong go out from here, and he has been waging Comrades together, make a change the world of thousands on thousands of Shaoshan chong. "People’s Daily" (07 October 2016 07 Edition) (commissioning editor: Wang Jiquan)相关的主题文章: