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Health An RN Nurse, also commonly known as a registered nurse, is a medical professional who takes on the job of taking care of the sick and injured and helping them get a speedy recovery. With the help of RN Nursing procedures, they plan, assess, apply and figure out how they can efficiently take care of their patients. These professionals generally go through more rigorous training than licensed practical nurses. An RN Nurse, no matter what his specialization or work environment is, provides guidance and treatment to patients, as well keeping people well-informed about current health issues. They are responsible for the recording of medical histories and symptoms of patients, assist in conducting diagnostic tests and analyzing the results, operate medical equipment, and keep patients updated in their health condition. An RN Nurse can also concentrate on specific areas of patient care or areas of specialization, where they get to choose from four areas. First, they can choose to focus their practice on a specific work setting or field of medicine. Second, RN’s can focus on specific medical conditions, like cancer or cardiovascular diseases, in which nurses help patients in their recovery or prevention of further danger. The third area can concentrate in one or more parts of the body, like the heart. The fourth area deals with specific category of people, like children, who are cared for by pediatric nurses. An RN Nurse will generally be able to wok in a comfortable environment with facilities having sufficient lighting and ventilation. In a hospital setting they may work in night shifts, even on weekends or holidays. In order to pursue your dream of becoming an RN Nurse, you must first pass a comprehensive nursing examination, which can only be taken upon completion of legitimate RN Nursing program. You can choose three ways of education and training, which can be through a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree or diploma from an accredited nursing program. Bachelor’s degree is commonly taken for 4 years, while associate degree and diploma programs can take around 2 to 3 years. Those with an associate degree or diploma can choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree for a wider scope of practice, and those having a bachelor’s degree can undergo further training or education, and acquire a master’s or doctoral degree, in order to work in special medical fields, which means more experience and more opportunities. An RN Nurse also requires some specific traits which are needed so that they can perform their duties well. They must of course be dedicated and have a passion in their work, especially because this field involves people’s lives and there is simply no room for error. They need to be physically fit as well as have emotional stability to handle different kinds of stress or human trauma. An RN Nurse has excellent job opportunities, but in general, those with at least a bachelor’s degree have a better chance of getting lucrative opportunities than those who don’t have one. Evaluate yourself well and determine if you have what it takes to work in this medical field, and if you are ready to undergo the education and training required to become a nursing professional. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: