Rumors of Shenzhen Futian port electric escalator dead official rumor some people fainted splitit

Rumors of Shenzhen Futian port electric escalator dead official rumor: some people fainted recently, a netizen spread in the circle of friends of Futian port escalator passenger clearance leakage caused death pictures and video. From the video and pictures circulated on the Internet can be seen, there is a man lying on the ground, the man beside the medical staff to accompany treatment. In the event of the spread of a cross-border school children’s parents in the WeChat group, then the reporter immediately contacted the city port office staff confirmed. Reporters learned that the incident was a passenger in September 27th at the port of entry and exit of Futian Hongkong bridge to Shenzhen next to the direction of the escalator collapsed, not electrocuted. After the incident, the passengers did not enter the country, but was rushed to the hospital in Hongkong, Shenzhen is still unable to see the monitoring, follow-up we will continue to follow up. Port office to remind the passengers, if in the clearance if you encounter unexpected situations, please first time and customs, inspection, inspection and quarantine, the port office, port office and inspection units to maintain clean and safe port customs clearance environment and order, to achieve fast passenger security clearance. Shenzhen evening news reporter Xu Jiaojiao trainee editor Xu Yaqiao相关的主题文章: