Samir to murder old master preparation score help Greentown get 3 points-remonstrate

Samir to murder old master preparation: score help Greentown get 3 points Samir to score any source: football newspaper special correspondent Xu Yi reported on the wheel to Hong Kong, Greentown situation suddenly became critical, this weekend, their home court, but is a powerful rival Suning, the game. Many players in the face of the old Lord, Samir has said that he will try to score goals, take 3 minutes to help greentown. After losing to Hong Kong, Hong Mingfu did not blame, but chose to encourage, everyone went all out, everyone’s performance is very good." This time, decompression is necessary. After preparing for Hong Kong, coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival, the team used an open training session with the fans together, but also to eat barbecue dinner, a lottery game, club vice president Wu Shaoyi bear skeleton stolen when asked PA twisted truths of Xia Pu, the more we can not woebegone, be positive to face behind the game. At this time everyone wants to play a good game, if the pressure will be counterproductive." On Monday, Greentown resumed a simple training, a day off on Tuesday, began to focus on training on Wednesday. However, this day, Hong Mingfu chose the two day training, hope to improve the team’s fitness, because the next game is easy, and the first is suning. Although opponents this week to play in the FA Cup, the physical may suffer some losses, but the music was very careful, "for the super team, there are not too many effects of field race more than a week, and Suning depth is very deep, we do not expect the opponent so may affect much of the." A club staff said. For the good of relegation battle, Greentown considered in October 23rd to advance to the home court Shenhua competition held on 21, so they have more time to prepare for the October 26th trip to China’s game. The 21 day the Huanglong Sports Center has other activities, so hope to match in Greentown blessed in Jinhua, but due to the 4 round of the China Football Association said last time cannot be changed, so only at the scheduled time to Shenhua greentown. The adjustment period without hope, Greentown can only hit the immediate race. The first game of the season 3 times after the intermission, Greentown has lost, this is the two game losing streak, Hong Mingfu is very clear on this point: "we the interim period after the game did not play well, with the game, the players will enhance the hope behind will be better. Interrupt the rhythm after the intermission, the players will have some impact, but we will try to adjust." Greentown’s winning prize is still 1 million, and can not be compared to other teams, as far as possible to stimulate the player’s energy. Su Ning’s game, Samir is undoubtedly worthy of attention, the first half of the season, he did not have much opportunity to play in Suning, the two transfer loan to greentown. At that time, Suning had put forward the "avoidance clause", but Samir chose to refuse, so he had the opportunity to play in the old masters in the game. Samir wants to prove himself with a goal, and he will be a very important piece in the Hong Mingfu offense. Su Ning also has players face the old lord, Xie Pengfei in the era of Peter Reis Cu no appearance machine.相关的主题文章: