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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cancellation denied reports: no matter the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 12th news, according to foreign media reports, today a number of media have reported that Samsung plans to cancel all the possible problems of distance after the September 30th Galaxy Note 7 intelligent mobile phone. This was interpreted as Samsung another preventive measures to prevent Galaxy Note 7 battery trouble again. But Samsung denied the media reports, confirmed to AndroidCentral, it is not intended to be canceled before September 30th or after the recall of Galaxy Note 7. Samsung also said that all details of the recall process will be published on its website, including the cancellation of any smart phone decision – if the future to take this measure. Samsung may worry that it cannot in September 30th for all affected users to replace the Galaxy Note 7, the timely replacement of mobile phone after the date of cancellation will give mobile phone users can not bring more problems. This decision will prompt the problem Galaxy Note 7 users to replace the new machine as soon as possible. Cancellation of these problems will almost completely eliminate the possibility of battery explosion, wounding again. Samsung hopes to replace the phone as soon as possible for the user, because the longer the delay, the greater the impact of its market value. (compile leaves)相关的主题文章: