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Samsung Note7 aircraft on the bottom floor of charred aircraft caused by the United States flights – Sohu finance ^ Green’s mobile phone. (image: " critical point " website)   mobile phone box with a black box logo. (image: " critical point " website)   South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Company in the United States officially recalled the world’s Samsung Note7 mobile phones, many consumers get the same phone replacement. However, an American man claims that the replacement of Note7 mobile phone in a plane on fire smoke, burn the floor plane. U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. consumer product safety commission 5 to investigate the matter. It is worth noting that, according to a statement issued at the end of September China Samsung, replaced in the overseas market with the new Note7 mobile phone in the Chinese official sales of the state line version of "provide the same battery suppliers". 3: 1 mobile phone mobile phone fire off in your pocket suddenly smoke away 2 mobile phone after coming out the thick, gray green, wild fire smoke 3 mobile phone to burn the floor carpet, burning aircraft off after the fire is still the "critical point" of science and technology news website quoted the American Southwest Airlines spokesman said the airline. Its flight number 994 aircraft on the morning of 5 fire, the cause is a Samsung Note7 mobile phone smoke fire, but fortunately all the passengers and crew to evacuate, caused no casualties. The plane was from Kentucky to Maryland in Baltimore and Louisville, passengers, has yet to take off when in danger. According to the Indiana passenger Brian? Green recalled, he after boarding the flight attendants with tips, shut down power Samsung Note7 mobile phone, but suddenly smoke in her mobile phone. Green immediately throw away the phone, and the phone continues to emerge, thick, gray green, violent smoke". Crew emergency evacuation of passengers, arrangements for everyone to leave the aircraft. Green, a colleague also take this flight, after the aircraft had returned to the cabin to take personal items, the results of the fire has been seen on the phone has burned through the carpet, burning the bottom floor of the aircraft. American Broadcasting Company reported that the mobile phone explosion is not so light, so that a firefighter can not immediately identify the phone model. U.S. Federal Aviation Administration subsequently issued a statement confirming a Samsung phone triggered the fire, and revealed that the investigation is underway. The replacement of the new mobile phone has confirmed Green to accept the "critical point" website interview with reporters, he in September 21st replaced the new Samsung Note7 mobile phone from a shop owned Att Corporation, has since been using wireless charger for mobile phone charging. Green’s wife, told Reuters reporter, her husband received about half a month ago, Samsung Corp received a text message sent by the Note7 mobile phone recall notice, then replaced with a mobile phone with the same type of. Critical point website published a photo of Green’s cell phone packaging box. Photo display, packaging.相关的主题文章: