Secret personal information was stolen industrial chain one hundred or two hundred yuan can buy one mia farrow

The personal information is stolen industry chain: one hundred or two hundred yuan can buy a million – Yunnan channel — original title: secret personal information is stolen industry chain: one hundred or two hundred yuan can buy hundreds of millions of "mysterious" network security police secret illegal access to citizens’ personal information, the implementation of the crime, reselling a complete industrial chain depth in August 19th that will become the freshmen’s Shandong Linyi 18 year old girl because Xu Yuyu received a strange phone, cheated light 9900 yuan tuition for her family to put all sorts of things together. On the way home from the police station, the girl sudden cardiac arrest, two days after the death. Confirmed by the public security organs, the suspect through technical means black into the college entrance examination online registration information system, using a Trojan program to steal a large number of candidates, including Xu Yuyu. For a time, inside and outside the network, the voice of the protection of personal information security is rising again. Coincidentally. Recently, our province network security police together reselling personal information of citizens major cases cracked, involving hundreds of millions of pieces of information. How is the personal information of citizens leaked? First, the "mysterious" network security police came from behind the front desk, about this involves illegal access to citizens’ personal information, reselling, commit a complete industrial chain. A high tech crime? "Fool" type of crime suspects only junior high school in February this year, Nanchong Langzhong Municipal Public Security Bureau has received a report from the masses: "bank card has been in the hands of the money on the card, but it It is without rhyme or reason. be transferred away, and in the meantime their mobile phone also received SMS alerts." Is the bank there are loopholes in the system, or the bank ghost? The case soon by the Nanchong Municipal Public Security Bureau network security detachment took over, the deployment of 12 technical backbone of the ad hoc group. First of all, the police from the bank card to track the flow of funds, but the investigation was quickly into a dead end. "After several transfers, money was transferred to the bank on the net and finally replaced all game cards." Nanchong city network security detachment Case Investigation Brigade instructor Zhou Yuanfa, the complex process of huge money laundering to obstruct the investigation work, "bank cards are bought online, query by the holders could not find the real suspect." Is helpless, Nanchong city network security detachment Technology Laboratory of good news, through technical means, taking the other bank card two illegal property suspects locked. In February 26th, the suspects were from Beijing, Hainan arrested. "We don’t think it’s a high-tech crime." Zhou Yuanfa revealed that many of these people even only junior high school education. Suspect’s modus operandi, its "fool" even let the police surprised you first buy personal information of citizens and hackers on the Internet, personal information and batch import hacking software analysis, software can steal the victim bank card or Taobao account and password. B personal information how to buy? Taobao account the most valuable one of the suspects have QQ group more than and 300 through the computer hard disk data recovery of the suspect, the police found the victim’s Langzhong identity card, email, mobile phone number and other information package. Data show相关的主题文章: