September 30th evening announcement of listed companies courier-stand by me shinee

Listed companies in September 30th evening bulletin courier Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Sina Financial News on Friday evening, more than two listed companies, announced the news. Yongqing environmental protection: received 13 million 400 thousand yuan subsidiary dividends a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangxi Yongqing Yongqing environmental protection environmental protection waste heat power generation Co. Ltd., according to the Yongqing heat’s articles of incorporation and by its shareholders, as of June 30, 2016 the undistributed profits to the company profit 13408707.09 yuan. The company has received more than 13408707.09 yuan in September 30, 2016 Yongqing waste heat dividends. HC semitek: received 71 million 70 thousand yuan of government subsidies, HC semitek recently received the approval documents of the relevant authorities, agreed to finance the HC semitek 2016 third quarter industrial development grant funds 37 million 500 thousand yuan; agreed to finance a wholly owned subsidiary of aquamarine Technology (Yiwu) Co., Ltd. in 2016 third quarter Industrial Development Grant funds 12 million 500 thousand yuan; agreed to finance the company’s wholly owned subsidiary HC semitek (Suzhou) Company Limited in 2016 third quarter industry subsidies 21 million 70 thousand yuan. Mei Ying Sen: signed major investment agreement shares resume trading Mei Ying Sen and Gaoming District of Foshan City People’s government signed the "book" the intention of Mei Ying Sen group Limited by Share Ltd investment equipment manufacturing and packaging industry 4 wisdom Industrial Park project based on the company plans a total investment of 1 billion 888 million yuan to the land use right according to the law made in Gaoming District of Foshan City, Chancheng District Mei Ying Sen group, the construction of the headquarters base in Southern China, China printing and packaging products detection of national public service platform, packaging equipment manufacturing base, equipment manufacturing system integration based on the wisdom of the packaging industry 4 Industrial Park project. This agreement is for the implementation of the "equipment manufacturing based on the wisdom of packaging industry 4 Industrial Park project" and signed an investment agreement, the project investment of 880 million yuan. Company shares resume trading since October 10th. Century Huatong: shares resume trading in September 28, 2016, century Huatong received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued "on the Limited by Share Ltd of Zhejiang century Huatong Group restructuring letter of inquiry", the company and the independent financial advisers and other intermediaries have involved the content of inquiry letter "issue of shares and payment of cash to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transaction report (Draft)" and other documents for the corresponding supplement and perfection. Company shares resume trading since October 10th. To share: Jiang Xiaowei shareholders holdings of shares 4.94% company shares to shareholders holding more than 5% of Jiang Xiaowei -2016 in April 5, 2016 September 22nd, through the trading total holdings of shares 8855000 shares, accounting for 4.94% of the total share capital, this reduction plan period has expired. After this reduction, Jiang Xiaowei holds 16818265 shares of the company shares, accounting for the total share capital of 9.38%. Jialinjie: major issues suspend jialinjie on September 30, 2016 received a controlling shareholder on相关的主题文章: