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September 7th evening heavy impact on the stock market news summary! (Evening News), a securities news: [] Li Keqiang: common policy more closely in the construction of ASEAN Community of destiny China according to Xinhua News Agency reported on September 7th, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang local time on the morning of 7 in Vientiane, the national conference center with ASEAN leaders attended Chinese ASEAN Relations 25 anniversary ceremony. The development of the relationship between ASEAN and China benefits every country of ASEAN, and is conducive to the construction of ASEAN community. ASEAN is willing to work with China to seize the opportunity to consolidate and explore the potential to enhance political mutual trust, deepen economic and trade cooperation, expand cultural exchanges and enhance the relations between ASEAN and Chinese to a new level, to promote regional peace and development. The NDRC promoting coordinated regional development priority to implement the strategy of western development 7, reporters from the national development and Reform Commission, the national development and Reform Commission issued on the implementation of regional development strategy guidance on promoting coordinated regional development, put forward to optimize the spatial pattern of economic development, improve the regional innovation policy, strengthen regional cooperation and improve the interaction mechanism of regional development requirements. Hubei, Sichuan, Liaoning and other 8 provinces electricity reform program approved according to the NDRC news September 7th, the general affairs department of the State Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Bureau agreed to pilot in Hubei province and Sichuan Province, Liaoning Province, Shaanxi Province, Anhui Province, Henan Province, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Shandong Province, the development of the electric power system reform. [market] Bank of surface of 15 financial institutions to carry out 275 billion yuan MLF operation according to the central bank micro-blog news, September 7th, in order to maintain reasonably adequate liquidity in the banking system, combined with MLF expires 123 billion 200 million yuan, the people’s Bank of 15 financial institutions to carry out MLF operation a total of 275 billion yuan, of which 6 months 194 billion yuan, a period of 1 years 81 billion yuan. The interest rate unchanged from the previous period, respectively, 2.85%, 3%. To reduce the China foreign exchange reserves in August 15 billion 900 million to the lowest level since December 2011 August Chinese $3 trillion and 185 billion 170 million of foreign exchange reserves, the expected $31900, before the value of $32011, a decrease of $15 billion 930 million, the lowest level since December 2011. 8 at the end of foreign exchange reserves of 2 trillion and 284 billion 350 million SDR, at the end of 7 for the SDR of $2 trillion and 297 billion 331 million; the end of 8 gold reserves reported $77 billion 175 million, at the end of 7 $78 billion 890 million. Two, hot events in the group of the United States: the tender offer by the Russian KUKA group antitrust review by as Beijing September 6, 2016, Midea Group, the acquisition of this offer on Russia’s antitrust review of the KUKA delivery conditions have been satisfied. The tender offer still needs to be reviewed by the European Union, Brazil and Mexico, as well as the U.S. Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) and the Defense Trade Control Council (DDTC) review. Dongbei special steel Zaibao 325 million yuan bond defaults of Dongbei special steel group company said in the announcement from website, because the company failed to raise funds in full repayment, "13 East steel PPN002" can not be repaid in full, constitutes a substantial breach. The total amount of bonds issued 300 million yuan, the redemption date of September 6th, the amount of 324 million 900 thousand yuan should pay interest. Small fortune.相关的主题文章: