September Tianjin small passenger car Yaohao results announced personal ordinary car 3801 dataload

September Tianjin small passenger car Yaohao results announced personal car 3801 September 27th at 2:30 in the afternoon, the Tianjin total passenger car control Hao ceremony is held in September. The frontier news reporter was informed that this period a total of 823177 applications Yaohao encoding by qualification, jointly apply for the 6044 index, the unit average car index 566, individual indicators 3801, car 855, car unit energy-saving index personal saving car index 822. It is understood that the public concern for the individual ordinary car Yaohao this period, a total of 814191 people are eligible for a total of 7065 individuals with other personal saving car application conditions. In accordance with the "open, fair and just principle, in full Yaohao notary supervision, the applicant representatives, representatives of the public and the media. Process more than 40 minutes, the final roll out 5195 incremental index, including personal ordinary cars incremental index 3801, personal saving car increment index 822, ordinary cars incremental index 566, index increments energy-saving car 6. City Transportation Commission staff suggested that the applicant in 30 minutes after landing Yaohao minibus regulatory management information system website Yaohao results, also can call 12580 telephone inquiries after 1 hours. The ballot can download and print documents indicators, the purchase of vehicles with indicators supporting documents after paying a small passenger vehicle purchase tax, and the public security traffic management department for vehicle registration. The target is valid for 6 months and shall not be transferred. Those who have not used them for the past time shall be regarded as abandoning the quota. If the incremental index obtained by the Yaohao method fails to be used, the applicant will not apply for the increment index again within two years. (news reporter Li Xin correspondent Sun Gang)

天津9月小客车摇号结果公布 个人普通车3801个   9月27日下午2点30分,天津市小客车总量调控9月摇号仪式正式举行。前沿新闻记者获悉,本期摇号共有823177个申请编码通过资格审核,共同申请6044个增量指标,其中单位普通车指标566个、个人普通车指标3801个、单位节能车指标855个、个人节能车指标822个。   据了解,备受市民关注的个人普通车摇号,本期共有814191人符合申请条件,另共有7065个人符合个人节能车申请条件。   按照“公开、公平、公正”的原则,摇号全程在公证人员、申请人代表、市民代表和新闻媒体的监督下进行。40余分钟的过程,最终摇出5195个增量指标,其中个人普通车增量指标3801个、个人节能车增量指标822个、单位普通车增量指标566个,单位节能车增量指标6个。   市交通运输委员会工作人员提示,申请人可于摇号结束30分钟后登陆小客车调控管理信息系统网站查询摇号结果,也可于1小时后拨打12580电话查询。中签者可自行下载打印指标证明文件,购置车辆后凭指标证明文件缴纳小客车车辆购置税,并到公安交通管理部门办理车辆注册登记。指标有效期为6个月且不得转让。逾期未使用的,视为放弃指标。以摇号方式取得的增量指标如果逾期未使用,申请人两年内将不能再次申请增量指标。(前沿新闻记者李鑫通讯员孙刚)相关的主题文章: