Set the car less than two months, the price of 100 thousand yuan to give up the car

New car price 100 thousand yuan female car owners to give up "I ordered the car in less than two months to two months, the price is reduced by 100 thousand yuan, a psychological gap is too great, now I’m not going to mention the car, the other bad attitude, please help me about mediation. See if you can give me back a deposit back." Recently, the Yiwu public Miss Shi called the Yiwu Market Authority consumer complaints hotline, a complaint of a brand car 4S shop in Yiwu. It is understood that the end of May this year, Miss Shi in Yiwu a certain brand of automobile 4S stores a fancy new SUV, and signed a contract with the Car Buying 4S shop, on the spot to pay a 50 thousand yuan deposit. The two sides agreed in June 20th before delivery vehicles, consumers overdue car to deduct liquidated damages in the deposit, not to mention the car for more than 15 days, the deposit will not be refunded. "I work because of the relationship, to go abroad for a long time, until the end of August before returning home." Miss Shi said, after returning home she immediately went to the 4S shop car, the car to see, with the off-road vehicle pricing than it had dropped 100 thousand yuan found. The car did not open one day, to pay a large sum of money, Miss Shi is very difficult to accept, and communicate with the 4S shop staff, hoping to reduce the price or return the deposit, but the 4S shop staff attitude, completely refused to compromise. Yiwu Market Supervision Bureau immediately organized supervision after the two sides face to face mediation. The person in charge of the 4S shop brought the original purchase contract signed with Miss Shi, the contract agreed to mention the date of the car, breach of contract and other related matters. "The car in June 9th to the store, 4S shop staff repeatedly to contact the consumer car, the consumer has not fulfilled the contract until the beginning of September, not to mention that car." The responsible person said, 4S shop also suffered many losses, after mentioning the car 4S shop to advance the car from the manufacturer, and has been responsible for bank interest expenses. As for the vehicle price, manufacturers promotions, and this car is before the price adjustment to the shop, 4S stores and manufacturers are also settled by the price before the price is up 4S store loss is far greater than 50 thousand yuan deposit miss shi. In the end, the staff patiently mediation, the two sides could not agree on a price for the car, Miss Shi decided to retire the car, 4S shop will also miss Shi after the Car Buying reported to the company, finally agreed to refund the deposit 10 thousand yuan miss shi. Yiwu market authority to remind consumers to buy large commodities, should take full account of the risk of price fluctuations. At the same time, before signing the contract, we must understand the rights and obligations of both parties. In case of special circumstances can not be fulfilled, should promptly communicate and negotiate, as far as possible to reduce the loss caused by breach of contract.相关的主题文章: