Shandong college entrance examination has not been tampered with classmates suspect prosecution

Shandong college entrance examination has not been tampered with classmates suspect prosecution pleaded guilty to repentance and good attitude – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Qingdao in September 30, Shandong Province, Jiaozhou city procuratorate in September 30th according to the Jiaozhou college entrance examination students tampering case crime suspect surnamed Guo decided not to prosecute the Guo, with the public security organs were released. After the college entrance examination this year, Jiaozhou city students Guo for stealing the change of students the college entrance examination, the alleged crime of destroying computer information system, in August 3, 2016 by the Jiaozhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal detention; approved the arrest in August 12 by the Jiaozhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate, the next day by the Jiaozhou Municipal Public Security Bureau arrest. The procuratorial organs to fully consider the particularity and the relevant circumstances of the case in the process of handling cases, in the stage of review and prosecution held a public review, invited parties, legal experts, education departments, news media and other related personnel, listen to opinions and suggestions. Review of the prosecution that the suspect surnamed Guo active after appearing in court truthfully confessed the crime, and wrote in September 23rd a confession, confession, repentance and good attitude; no criminal record, first offense, occasional; victims have been admitted to the judicial authorities issued a letter of understanding, request for a lighter punishment; the undertaker carries on the investigation to the school, the teacher said it behaved well at school, Guo teachers and classmates through counsel submit multiple copies of the written request, request for a lighter punishment. By Guo Moumou has a statutory lighter punishment, the procuratorial organs in the rescue, the purpose of education, according to the relevant provisions of the criminal procedure law and criminal law, according to Guo made the decision not to prosecute. Professor Zhou Changjun, party secretary and vice president, Shandong University law school, said: "the law should be considered from the point of view of human nature, special prevention, Guo has deep introspection; from the perspective of general prevention, the suspect’s criminal prosecution, the community is also a wake-up call. Do not prosecute the case to deal with, to play a procuratorial organs objective and impartial review and prosecution functions. The procuratorial organ as the prosecution authority, the law gives the relative power of the procuratorial organ leniency policy based on the decision not to prosecute, reflects the procuratorial organs of the objective and impartial, to maximize social benefits." Zhou Changjun believes that the prosecution made relatively non prosecution before treatment is not equal to the filing, detention and arrest is wrong, every stage of the proceedings in the case, the case is not the same, the legal requirements are not the same, the public security and judicial organs according to the different circumstances of the case filing, make corresponding measures according to the law and decided to arrest. Guo Moumou counsel Yu Huazhong said: "the procuratorial organs take full account of the particularity and the relevant circumstances of the case, make the decision not to prosecute in accordance with the law of the case, not only plays the social warning, also be able to fully reflect the principle of punishment with leniency."相关的主题文章: