She had put off a piece of clothing to wear back, finally get happiness – maternal

She had put off a piece of clothing to wear back, finally get happiness – Sohu maternal 1 noon yesterday, I was eating lunch, Dad Zi are excited to announce a major event! This situation scared me, a careful inquiry, the original Hsu Chi married Stephen Fung! Their marriage is such a statement emphasized not pregnant, the implication is: two people come together because of love! Hsu Chi told the media that the wedding is H& M for two years before the veil is a wedding dress shop free to pick Stephen Fung’s suit with her pink dress small pictures in front of two days for silver on the street to buy. As for the wedding, Hsu Chi said, Lin Bingcun a week ago after receiving the instruction, all lined up to fly to Prague to shoot, also designated "natural wind", only with reflection plate. First response to the news, the moonlight like many friends, very happy for Hsu Chi. After all, this way, regardless of her career or love, are more difficult than ordinary people. It’s not easy for her to get today’s happiness. Hsu Chi is three piece of fame, in 1996, she from Taiwan to Hongkong, the Chinese Jing Wong starred in "energy-saving", a famous. Next, Hsu Chi appeared in "red light district", "little man" fame, increasingly large rise. In July 1996 with her "erotica" won the Hongkong Film Award for best actress, best new actress two awards, becoming the only film in the history of Hongkong to shoot three films to win this award. The award-winning Hsu Chi cried, she said: I want to be an actor like that Maggie Cheung, do not wish to be acted in three films as "sexy". Since then, she began to slowly transition. In 2001, Hsu Chi boarded the "Time" cover slowly and with "wind and cloud", "glass", "angel" and "beauty", "grass" If You Are The One and other films, completely get rid of the "off star" title, became an acting actress. In 2008 she was the American entertainment channel "E!" named "the world’s most Sexy Lip actress, and has served as the fifty-eighth Berlin International Film Festival and the sixty-second Cannes International Film Festival main competition jury. She has finally become one of the internationally recognized Chinese actresses, like her idol Maggie Cheung. Career success is not an accident. First, she was brave enough to face her past. An interview with Hsu Chi on the three film by the famous origin, she was very calm and calm answer, said: from the debut to now, I did not mind. Do not experience those, how can I have now? It’s not about gratitude, because it’s a process that I’ve been through. I will not deny the past, but will accept it." The courage to face the past, do not regret what they have chosen, firmly know their direction in life, and full of passion to insist, so Hsu Chi could face, questioned by the people. People相关的主题文章: