Shenzhen is now 6 square meters of dove cage official explanation the apartment is not

Shenzhen is now 6 square meters of dove cage official explanation: the apartment is not residential Shenzhen, a small area of 6 square meters of red explosion in recent days. Folding bed in room. Shenzhen evening news micro-blog map of the property known as the "overseas Chinese town", the property is located in Nanshan District overseas Chinese town of Shahe East Road and the intersection of the new road, the entire district a total of 169 sets of hardcover apartment. The attention of the 6 square meters of small units are located in the 6 floor to the 15 floor. Almost every floor has a small area of about 6.61 square meters of a small house, a total of 9 sets, are flat, ranging from an area of 5.73 square meters to 7.48 square meters. Together with the developers donated area, the actual use of an area of about 12 square meters. Allegedly, the 9 sets of small apartment layout has been sold, and sold the price reached 150000 yuan per square meter. Internal facilities. Shenzhen evening news micro-blog figure surging news query multiple real estate intermediary website found that real estate intermediary introduced the real estate that overseas Chinese town is blending the original Xiang Qi observation tower renovation project. Some websites say the project is owned by the Shenzhen overseas Chinese town group. But then the overseas Chinese town to surging news denied the news, said the project is not the overseas Chinese town project, is in under the guise of overseas Chinese town, the company will judge whether the act of tort law. The media reported that the sale of 6 square meters of large-sized apartment real estate license is red. Real estate license registration information display: this house is an area of 6.68 square meters of real property rights, land use rights in 1998, the property rights of the year of the year, belong to the standard of the purchase of residential products limited by credit. And in fact, as early as a month before, "Shenzhen Evening News" in August 2nd had reported that the Shenzhen municipal planning and land resources administration committee Nanshan reply said that "dove cage" apartment layout does not belong to the residential apartment layout, has nothing to do with the real estate sale. The reply said: "in 1999" Shenzhen is a city construction planning permit "," Shenzhen city in 2006 to obtain qualified construction planning acceptance certificate ", the building function for apartment and office." 2007 real estate for the initial registration of real estate, of which 6 to a total of 15 sets of apartments transferred to Chen Moumou, such as individual owners, the same year for the transfer of the registration of the two level of 169. In these 169 apartments, there are 12 sets of construction area of between 5.73 to 15.18 square meters. At present, the real estate is Shenzhen City Hunan Vantage Capitals Ltd to buy after renovation, sales to the society. Then this is the real estate market behavior of the three acts of transfer, which is commonly known as the secondary housing transactions, and real estate pre-sale unrelated. At the same time, referred to the Shenzhen Committee of city planning and Land Resources Management Bureau is still in the Nanshan reply, the building of 1 to 5 for the office, 6 to 15 for the apartment, do not belong to the house. And Shenzhen city planning and Land Resources Committee has never approved a similar "dove cage" residential apartment layout, in the planning approval in the future will be strictly according to the law review, to ensure that residential apartment layout design conforms to the provisions of the state and provincial and municipal building design specification. It is understood that there is a big difference between residential and residential property rights. In general, if the commercial real estate built on the premises of the project is commercial nature, it can not be settled, it can not meet the needs of enrollment. In addition, in accordance with the "residential construction.相关的主题文章: