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Shenzhen lost to female white-collar workers reflect the Huashan peak – Yangcheng Evening News reporter Song Wangqun reports: 18 PM, Shaanxi police announced that Shenzhen lost contact with female white-collar body has been found in the body of the. The police, since the beginning of the September Chen Wen report to the police after the Yin family, ten days, Huayin police in the vicinity of Huashan launched a massive search, September 9th, searchers found the body of a woman in Huashan of Xifeng. The day before, after identification, the death of Chen Wen, the situation is under investigation. August 1st, worked as an assistant lawyer in a law firm in Shenzhen, Chen Wen alone when visiting Huashan lost contact. According to his friends, Chen Wen began to travel from June 1st, went missing in Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet, Xinjiang and other places. Flight information display, Chen Wen in July 23rd to Xi’an. Chen Wen passed the judicial examination, at a Shenzhen Law Firm lawyer assistant, then went to a P2P financial platform engaged in legal work, and in this tour before, it has resigned from the legal work platform. According to the Chen Wen family, Chen Wen lost to the issue, the parents did not know at first, Chen Wen had a little a call to their parents, just know Chen Wen to travel, but also lost. In August 4th, Chen Wen’s mother call, "call", and then played in the past have shown that Chenwen phone has been turned off. At this time, family feel things wrong, and at the end of August to come to Shenzhen to find Chen Wen. Mobile communication records show that Chen Wen’s cell phone to make the last phone call is in the afternoon of August 2nd, the location is Huashan south peak, the phone is to call the China Merchants Bank credit card center. Communications records also show that from August 3rd to August 9th, Chen Wen’s cell phone and traffic records, after that, the phone will no longer use.相关的主题文章: