Shi Jianhua sales is not the only pursuit of new energy vehicles – Sohu car

Shi Jianhua: not only sales of new energy vehicles in the pursuit of automobile auto industry association Chinese – Sohu (hereinafter referred to as the Automobile Association) released the latest data show that in July of this year 1 to 215 thousand the production of new energy vehicles, sales of 207 thousand vehicles, compared to the same period last year growth of 119.8% and 122.8% respectively. The data published, some people began to question, the Automobile Association predicted at the beginning of the year 700 thousand sales target is too high and difficult to achieve. In this regard, the Automobile Association responded that, to maintain the current growth rate at the end of the year, sales of new energy vehicles will be more than 700 thousand years, so does not modify the set objectives. We should not be too obsessed with the number of sales completed, and should be concerned about the healthy development of the industry." Deputy Secretary General of the Automobile Association Division Jianhua said. This is not only reminiscent of the Olympic Games being held in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro. Although Fu Yuanhui only won the bronze medal in the game, but because of its frank performance in the post match interviews with countless pink. It can be seen that both the athletes and the audience, the "gold medal" complex has been gradually diluted, people no longer only care about the number of gold medals, but more concerned about the spirit of the Olympic Games and the nature of sports. Look at China’s auto industry, although China has become the world’s 7 largest automobile production and sales for the first time in a row, but the big but not strong has been China’s auto industry has not been able to get rid of the status quo. The development of new energy vehicles are also facing such problems, a short period of time, China has leapt to the world’s first sales of new energy vehicles, but behind the results of the country’s strong financial subsidies. Massive subsidies to promote sales growth, but also the breeding ground for the problems of the new energy automotive industry, such as enterprise relying on policy, do not pay attention to technology upgrading, brains "cheat fill", which seriously hindered the healthy development of China’s new energy automotive industry. For the future development of new energy vehicles, can no longer just sales first, sales can not be the sole criterion for judging the development of the industry. Recently, the country from the new energy automotive industry severely punished "cheat fill", to the introduction of "new energy automobile carbon quota management measures" draft, to modify the new energy automobile production enterprises and products access standards, is to develop more standardized and healthy direction under the guidance of new energy vehicles. The latest release of "new energy automobile production enterprises and products access regulations (Revised Draft)" to the enterprise core technology, product quality assurance and safety performance requirements are more stringent, enterprises continue to be based in the new energy vehicle market, we must increase R & D investment. Those who want to fish in troubled waters, it will eventually be eliminated. Obviously, after the carbon quota policy file subsidies policy, the company will take the initiative to increase investment in new energy vehicles. Under the guidance of the market mechanism, the enterprise’s new energy automotive products must also be more in line with consumer demand. On the basis of such changes in the market, companies can not blindly sell as the most important goal, but should put more effort and resources to focus on quality. Because in the long run, this is the key to open up the market, improve efficiency. (Editor: Yang Yanan)相关的主题文章: