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Sichuan University graduate has   teaching in Liangshan; set up three student bridge – Sichuan channel: original title: Sichuan local graduate has been teaching in Liangshan for local pitched three seat student bridge third bridge repaired, Cao Liyong (back row, left two) returned to Zhaojue to attend the completion ceremony. His original intention is to do something to help children read, so that they go out of the mountains, open different from the lives of their parents." His perception of teaching is to open a life that is meaningful things with a year’s time, then persevere to do so. Abdul, sip, 16 years old, a little naughty boy, but sensible. A sip than those who, 12 years old, the boy, the best performance, especially clever. Wang, 14 years old, girl, beautiful, but the results of general. …… The past two years, is the College of chemical engineering Sichuan University research three Cao Liyong, still remember in Liangshan teaching when the students in the class. Now I heard Yi song, he will return to the depths of the mountains full of soma in the dream, and once the students sing. "It feels good." In October 10th, sitting in the Wangjiang campus of Sichuan University’s laboratory, Cao Liyong recalled his life education. Despite the busy research three, but 3 months ago, he returned to Zhaojue County, in the fire pocan liberation laqing Xiang River, in the newly built steel bridge was inaugurated. Cao Liyong in the photo is simple and bright. In order to facilitate the completion of the bridge, he was a student run for nearly a year, more than 26 yuan to raise money. This is also in his big Liangshan launched the third bridge built. Light in August 2013 to meet the desolate mountains in the eyes of the children, Cao Liyong graduated from Sichuan College of chemical engineering, School of life, he wanted to do something meaningful". He made up his mind, through layers of selection, joined the fifteenth Sichuan University graduate teaching mission, and 17 classmates to Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in the period of one year. This is the first time Cao Liyong into the depths of Liangshan. It’s a long way from Chengdu to Zhaojue, even if it’s not a traffic jam. In Yi, Zhaojue means Eagle dam. It is 100 kilometers away from Xichang, is a state-level poverty-stricken counties. Cao Liyong taught school from the center tree Ping Xiang Zhaojue county about 10 km. A rachar Xia River, the school and some villages are separated. He found that in addition to schools and villages, surrounded by bare mountains. There are 6 grade tree tsubosato center school, 1 classes in each grade. Cao Liyong is a math teacher in Grade 5. He has 16 children in his class, ranging in age from the age of 12 to the age of 16. With the arrival of teachers, the original single course gradually enriched. In addition to teaching mathematics, Cao Liyong also offers courses in music, sports and science. He made use of public funds donated by the media to build a dream classroom, and from the county to download and produce the required pictures, video data. When the image is played through the screen, Cao Liyong always sees the children相关的主题文章: