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Silly fool for a lifetime! Break the car circle eight "pseudo truth" – Sohu automobile car [produced] no secret to say the car circle, from time to time there will be some people can not determine the true and false rumors, mineral water can not like three car safety, the longer wheelbase than the hatchback passenger space is bigger, the higher the more expensive oil power the better, the car to drink, and even avoid the camera "secrets" etc.. Are these "truths" true? Today, we have a solution for each of us. Mention "explosion-proof tyre each of the owners are not unfamiliar," especially in the car need to change a tire, tire if pinning phenomenon is not serious leakage, can also insist on it, the worst case directly broke down, and the tire nail running speed is very dangerous, very easy to burst. So the question is, is it really that God? The explosion-proof tire is called the "tire", literally meaning can be seen, in the case of the tire nail leakage can continue to drive (80km h 60 – 80 km). The explosion proof tyre can be simply understood as follows: the thickness of the tyre wall is strengthened, and the weight of the vehicle can be supported and the vehicle can travel at a constant speed when the vehicle is deflated. To lose control of the vehicle tire in tire instantly, if the speed exceeds 160km h if the mortality rate reached 100% (Note: an instant burst careful use of brakes, avoid the pursuit direction). The anti burst tire and no difference, because all the load moment of the tire burst will be concentrated in the side of the flat tire car will be short out of control, as long as grasp the steering wheel loose throttle, explosion-proof tyre will be at a very some support and support of the toughness of the sidewall to the car, making the car to regain control, so also will tire explosion-proof tyre. Just when the car tire more easily under control. [car no secret] view of explosion-proof tire overall is hard, reduced in the car on the tires on the vibration absorption of driving comfort, lead to decreased; quality than ordinary heavier, driving tire noise slightly larger; and the anti burst price is almost the common tire 1 times or several times. Overall, the explosion-proof tire can improve safety is not false, but it can not do the real sense of explosion-proof, so safe driving is the premise of driving safety. At the time of the accident, the general rear end of the two car speed is not fast, more than before the car after the car is damaged seriously, one is the rear of the car without important components, on the other hand is smaller relative acceleration of two vehicle. The two cars collided when the relative velocity is almost decided the extent of the damage of the car, the car is not able to save iron is deep, there is no bumper, three car or hatchback. The structure of the platform and the whole vehicle is very important, the structure of the automobile body, the application of the material, the stiffness of the bearing capacity and the transmission route of the force are reasonable. Manufacturers in the design will also take into account the situations behind the hatchback, the general will strengthen the capacity of the rear bearing impact, such as the use of high strength materials, strengthen the capacity of C column. At present, all the rear hatchback design has certain regional deformation of collision, enough to absorb the impact energy due to collision. [] no secret View car hatchback and the three car does not have the kind of models more safety.相关的主题文章: