Sino Canadian relations to open a new milestone-dxperience

In addition the relationship between open season new mileage Beijing in the cool, autumn leaves, Premier Li Keqiang set foot on the land of maple leaf. This is the first visit to Canada Chinese prime minister in 13 years. Within a month, the Chinese and Canadian Prime Minister met twice and announced the establishment of the prime minister’s annual dialogue mechanism. This shows that relations between the two countries once again warming, showing a good vision for cooperation. China and Canada have no reason not to develop long-term stable friendly relations of cooperation. From a historical point of view, China Canada relations have a long history and a long and friendly basis. Great internationalist Bethune died in China people’s Anti Japanese front line, become the hero known to every family China. In the last century the beginning of the 60s China difficult period, Canada against US pressure for the sale of wheat to China, China people’s gratitude in mind. It is worth mentioning that, in 1970, before Kissinger’s secret visit to China, Trudeau’s father, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau? With its vision and political courage and Chinese relations, open a new era of Sino Canadian relations. Accompanied by his father’s visit to China, Trudeau was a child, more than and 20 days ago, with her daughter, also with a visit to China with the United States, China, the United States and China, China, China and the United states. When I interview with the current governor Johnston, he told me that his 3 daughters have to study in China, his family are very fond of Chinese culture and food. Over the past 46 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, Sino Canadian relations have made considerable progress. Despite the recent 10 years of Sino Canadian relations once suffered cold, but the castle not cover, after all, to the East ", the relations between the two countries on the whole or in the small step forward. The bilateral trade volume between the two countries, only $150 million at the time of diplomatic relations, has grown to $55 billion 700 million by the end of 2015. China is now Canada’s second largest trading partner. By the end of last year, two-way investment in Canada has accumulated nearly $70 billion. From the point of view of personnel exchanges, 46 years ago, the annual staff of the two countries, but not more than 3000 people, and now one day there are between the more than 3 thousand people from canada. The number of foreign students between the two countries is almost zero, by the end of last year has exceeded 150 thousand people. Prospects for Sino Canadian relations. On the one hand, both the past and the present, there is no fundamental conflict of interest between the two countries. On the other hand, the two countries have many common interests, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win field is extremely broad. Canada is an important influence of the Pacific powers, the territory of considerable, but the distribution of different resources, can be described as a natural partner". For example, Canada is rich in oil and gas resources, oil reserves in the world third, while China has become the world’s second largest oil consumer after the United States, but also the world’s fastest growing demand for natural gas in the country. Great potential for energy cooperation between China and canada. And the number one energy market will become the world’s largest oil producer, Obama refused to approve the new U.S. oil pipeline project in Canada is undoubtedly a warning. Similarly, the Canadian timber industry is also facing a similar situation. Today, the Canadian Lobster and other seafood exports from the south to the East, a steady stream of Chinese people to send the table. East coast of Canada provincial trade officials have said it is Chinese imports in recent years the growth of a number of saved struggling on the verge of bankruptcy or the east coast and West Coast Seafood enterprises of forestry enterprises. Thus, add)相关的主题文章: