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Smart three electric car battery life 160km Paris Auto Show – Sohu Sohu E electric car car [park] days ago, smart officially released a new version of smartfortwo electric, smartfortwo convertible electric version and smartforfour electric version of the official map, three models of the mileage is 160km. Smart electric version of the family are based on the gasoline version of the model to build, the new car uses a unique green skirt and reflective mirror design, highlighting its pure electric characteristics. In addition, the new car charging interface is designed in the rear wing position, and in the grille with electric drive logo. Interior design, compared to the new version of the car did not significantly change the dashboard central display will increase battery life interface. In addition, the new gear shift rod shape has changed. Power, three electric car will be equipped with battery and motor, the motor maximum power of 82 horsepower, peak torque of 160 cattle · m, officially called the mileage will be 160km. In addition, a long smart offers two solutions to the domestic power supply area when charging, the United Kingdom and the United States as an example, the use of standard charger only 2.5 hours can be filled with 0 battery 50%. At the same time in 2017 smart will also provide a fast charging device, making the charge is often reduced by 40%.   相关的主题文章: