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Social insurance base will adjust the low income wage increase this year is expected to get up to the July social insurance base salary less Beijing November 2 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Jinlei) in the stage of social security contribution rates reduced, will usher in the adjustment of social security contribution base. The State Council recently issued "on the implementation of opinions" focus groups stimulate activity driven by the urban and rural residents income, the average wage of workers in urban private units included in the statistical range of base pay, to form a reasonable social insurance and housing fund base, avoidance system for low-income groups out. Experts believe that the expansion of the scope of the statistical scope, social security contributions will be reduced, which is conducive to reducing the burden of low-income earners, so that more low-income people can afford social security, social security benefits. At the same time, low-income people get their wages are also expected to increase. Data chart. Reporter Li Jinlei photo social security payment base is rising year by year, according to understand, under normal circumstances, the employee’s social security contribution base is my last year, the average monthly wage. However, the lower wages and higher insured workers, it is necessary to follow the social sector in accordance with the annual payment of the base of the lower limit and upper limit as their own payment base. According to the basic old-age insurance personal account management Interim Measures, the workers themselves in general the average monthly wage of the previous year for the personal wage base. My monthly average wage is lower than the local average wage of workers 60%, shall pay 60% of the local average monthly wages; exceed local worker average wage of 300%, according to the payment of 300% of the local average monthly wages of employees, more than some are not included in the salary base, is not entered in the pension plan hair base. Social security payment base around the local average wage data linked. As the development of social insurance collection according to the standard, the average wage after the announcement, the payment of social security around the base also adjusted. Due to the increase in average wages, payment of social security around the base will be gone, rose year by year. For example, in 2016 the lower limit of the Shanghai municipal social security contributions were adjusted to $17817 and $3563, respectively, an increase of over the previous year and $292. Data chart. Pan Yu taken part of corporate social security burden is heavy. In fact, many provinces tend to the average wage of workers in Urban Non private units to determine the social insurance base. For example, Shanxi province people club hall this year issued a notice, in 2015 the province’s non private units in the average annual wage of workers is 52960 yuan, the average wage of workers in Shanxi Province in 2015, determined to participate in the basic old-age insurance individual workers to pay pension insurance premium of the upper and lower limits, urban individual industrial and commercial households pay endowment insurance and flexible employment the base fee, calculate the insured retirement pension and the transitional pension foundation. Chinese economic academy of Social Sciences researcher Wang Zhen told Beijing reporters, the current social security contribution base statistics mainly in the average wage of workers above scale enterprises, and the private and individual enterprises, many people are excluded, the average wage counted out this is actually higher than the actual income of all employment, there are some false high component. Tsinghua University employment and)相关的主题文章: