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Careers-Employment The job of software professional attracts thousands of youngsters around the world. The reasons are apparent. Jobs are plentiful in this sector and there is software developer vacancy for every level of skill and expertise. Attractive salary and the chance to work at the cutting edge of technology are the features which draw young professionals to these jobs. Unfortunately, scams are widespread even among the software development jobs. For this reason, it is necessary for you to identify a bona fide job offer. If you look at the classifieds, you will see plenty of job listings. Jobs in j2ee, JAVA and .NET are offered in almost every column. Most are genuine job offerings, but a few are fake as well. Here are some things to watch out for when you are screening software developer vacancy. You may get job offers on letterheads of prestigious .panies written in highly professional terms. Often the people involved go a long way to make the offer believable. There may even be contact details and when you ring up, someone does actually answer the phone and talk to you about the offer. You may follow it up and after being presented with your job in glowing terms, you will be asked for a referral fee, a consultation fee, a recruitment fee or a processing fee. You should know that genuine software developer vacancy does not require fees to be submitted. Avoid these offers as they are scams. Another .mon scam is that you are offered a work where you will be needed to work mostly from home. In that case, the .pany can ask you for a fee for the specialized software. Know that reputable .panies do not want to take your money; they want to use your skill to develop their own .pany. So, beware of such offers. Finally, any job offer where you are required to disclose confidential information like bank accounts, internet passwords and security codes. Avoid such red flags. Instead, there are hundreds of .panies with bona fide software developer vacancy. You can find .NET jobs, j2ee jobs or JAVA jobs in plenty which are offered by legitimate agencies. In fact it is best if you start your career with a highly established name. Such .panies offer great scope for development of your skills in the software industry. You can work with a leader in the market and gain firsthand experience of working with clients who demand nothing less than perfection. The experience alone would be invaluable. Instead of falling prey to scams, prepare your resume well and apply directly through the .pany website where software developer vacancy is advertised on a regular basis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: