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South Korean prosecutors arrested late night emergency Shunshi – Cui Beijing News Agency in October 31 Seoul Xinhua (reporter Wu Xu) according to Yonhap news agency, local time 31 days at 23:57 PM, South Korean prosecutors arrested under investigation "trusted intervention" incident involving character Cui Shunshi, and plans to transfer to the Seoul detention center. Prosecutors said the relevant personnel, Cui Shun in the investigation of a variety of suspects have been denied, prosecutors worried about the evidence will be destroyed. Cui Shunshi had to escape the experience in foreign countries, currently in the country and did not live in the residence of the residence permit landing address. Prosecutors also said that the respondents were extremely disturbed psychology, there may be unpredictable circumstances. Cui Ying 30 from the United Kingdom by plane to return to South Korea, and at about 31 PM to Seoul, the central and local public prosecutor’s office to accept the prosecution summoned. Cui Shunshi was surrounded by a large number of media reporters in front of the prosecutor’s office. In addition to the media reporters, the prosecutor’s office before there are many waved banners and shouted "Cui Shunshi investigation" the slogan of the protests, the order was chaos, Cui Shunshi because of the crowd and fall into the prosecutor’s office, in support of the surrounding personnel under. Korean media have reported that Cui Shunshi entered the prosecutor’s office once choked voice, said he made the "death", hope that the Korean people to forgive. Yonhap reported that prosecutors will focus on investigating whether Cui Shunshi will be the Mir consortium and K sports consortium privatization, review the Chong Wa Dae confidential documents, by improper means to make the female Zheng Ewha Womans University admission charges. The prosecution will also investigate whether Cui Shunshi actually received notes, park Geun hye Korean military contact non disclosure content Commission presidency handover information, containing information, Ministry of foreign affairs of the State Council Park trip schedule information such as Chong Wa Dae and government departments to a large number of documents. Return to Korea on the same day, Cui Shunshi has apologized to the Korean people through an attorney, and said it would actively cooperate with the South Korean prosecutors in accordance with the facts of the investigation. Prior to this, Cui Shunshi in an interview in Germany, in addition to admitted to help park Geun hye to modify his speech, denied other charges against him. (end)相关的主题文章: