Spontaneous combustion car driver shouted for help to take up the fire safety rescue-3u8547

The car ignition driver shouted for help pick up the fire extinguisher security rescue – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Lin Jianshu) in August 25th, with the car spontaneous combustion occurred near the Xinhua Road and Avenue intersection in the vicinity of Weiming, thanks to the security guard on duty to help, to avoid greater losses. 15 pm the same day, Xinhua Road and West Weiming Avenue intersection about 200 meters, a car traveling from west to east of the white car suddenly ignite, the hood smoke, the female owner was at a loss, stopped the car to shout for help. Is an organ near the on duty security services company in Shijiazhuang city construction company security captain Liu Xiaoqiang after hearing the cry for help, while observing the position of the vehicle, while quickly picked up the guard room two fire extinguishers rushed to the scene. Liu Xiaoqiang rushed to the scene, first check the car is not trapped, then quickly opened fire extinguisher pin and the front cover of smoke at the position to start the fire, at the same time, he told the driver to put cone warning passers-by in the car accident, when the smoke becomes small after he opened the hood the engine compartment fire extinguished. Due to the rapid operation of security guards, the disposal of the timely, the spontaneous combustion vehicles just line damage, did not cause serious consequences of the destruction of the vehicle. Later, the owner of the security guards regardless of personal safety, timely rescue behavior very much, crossing the masses also have a thumb on the courageous guards wit, praised the act decisively.相关的主题文章: