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The Spring Festival reserves consumption upgrade liquor industry growth logic overlay is expected to continue national contest: Irving King Irving peek catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the investment today last week, food and beverage, liquor, household appliances, soft drinks, furniture and decoration, Yellow Wine, beer, and other metal and glass containers oil equipment and services, coal and fuel consumption industry ranked in the top ten. Among them, rice wine, metal and glass containers, coal and consumer fuel industry ranked sixth, respectively, ninth and tenth, is among the top three new. Liquor industry ranking last week, a significant increase in the top three. As expected in January 20, 2017 after the Spring Festival without logistics, from the beginning of December Moutai will enter the Spring Festival stocking stage, implementation of the 2017 plan, but the company also said in the Fujian autumn sugar conference will ensure that new year’s day and Spring Festival Double supply. CITIC Securities, said the continued mass consumption upgrade, the new replenishment of inventory logic and PPP business consumption so that high-end liquor in the logic of the continuation of the growth momentum next year. From the quantitative point of view, in 2016 the trend of the liquor sector is mainly due to the promotion of mass consumption, while high-income people and the middle class to expand the trend of sustainability, becoming one of the trend of the liquor sector in 2017 to improve the logic. According to estimates, in 2017 the Spring Festival market demand for Moutai will be between 7000-8000 tons, while the dealer feedback is expected to supply about 6000 tons, so the delayed implementation of the 10-11 month plan, which to some extent increase the Spring Festival reserves. According to the current price situation of Moutai, Moutai is expected to enter a high probability in November exceeded 1000 yuan, which is expected to become the benchmark emotional event catalytic market, enhance the degree of concern. The whole industry will be preparing for the Spring Festival stocking in December, the implementation of the plan next year, is expected to significantly peatlands, and this part of the income will be pre annual accounts receivable. Due to the Spring Festival will bring a significant increase in pre annual report receivables, or will become a short-term catalytic stocks. The recommended target: Kweichow Moutai, Luzhou Lao Jiao, Shanxi fen. Railway transport industry rose 58 last week, ranking in the top thirteenth. The total iron, the implementation of the provisions of the highway freight train gauge change and coal railway price factors such as railway transportation or to usher in a turning point. Minsheng Securities said that the general manager of Chinese railway company by the Vice Minister of transportation Lu Dongfu successor, former general manager of Sheng Guangzu retired. Railway reform back to the field of view, the total iron may be in the market pricing, investment and financing system reform and freight organization reform and other aspects of action. In addition, the Ministry of Communications issued the "Regulations on the administration of highway vehicles exceeding the limit of traffic" shall be implemented as of September 21st. Because of the natural advantages of railway transportation in the transportation of commodities such as coal, the provisions or to promote more choice of freight transport railway companies, railway freight, especially the demand for commodity transport. Stocks, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan and Urumqi Railway Bureau issued a document on the part of the coal price of 1 ton kilometer line. At the same time on coal September data also showed signs of year-on-year decline narrowed. Although the A shares listed on the coal line not in the price line of Daqin line, but do not rule out the possibility of future price increases. Recommended subject: Edisi. Steam theory相关的主题文章: