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Starchaser? I want to change the way I love you! – public – for the September 5th China’s first "China Charity Day", fan network combined with 51Give I will give the public platform to initiate "fans love? The national public mobilization activities, starting Chinese first nationwide public support project — the" fans all over the country public mobilization". Join the campaign was released that TFboys, EXO, Wang Jiaer, harvest Zheng Xiujing, Zhang Yixing, Di Ali Gerba, Zheng Shuang, Huang Zitao, Yang Mi and other more than and 400 fans, the topic # fans love # and # plan national public mobilization # boarded Sina micro-blog list topic of public interest in the first and two place, micro-blog forwarding number up to 390 thousand. After 10 days, the number of fans love net love list received exceeded ten million, # fans love the national public mobilization plan ## # micro-blog read the topic of broken billion. This time, the fans chose to use the public interest in the way to speak of love, so that the effect of the fans gradually become a social effect. A collection of network fans fans should aid the positive energy now, the public has become a celebrity public image will be a topic, more and more stars actively participate in public welfare, establish a public example of positive for the fans. In particular, some of the young idols, their fans are mostly low age groups of students, public welfare makes these young fans to find a positive enthusiasm for the channel. At the same time fans through public support also help to enhance the public image of the idol, can be said that public support is the most popular understanding and praise for fans should aid at this stage. In support of culture developed neighbouring South Korea, fans should aid in the most prominent feature is rice wreath support. Fans to buy rice as their idol’s activities support materials, instead of his idol to help more needy social groups. In contrast, our fans support in public there is no such common tradition, public support is still in the way of exploring and trying. Fan nets observed this phenomenon, and thus launched the mobilization of public support activities nationwide. The event, participating institutions have the social rescue fund, China children’s foundation, China social welfare foundation, China welfare fund, China overseas Chinese charity foundation, China green foundation, China Green Carbon Fund seven authoritative public welfare fund. Net cash provided by fans for the fans of charity will be divided into 31 equal portions, were donated to the charity foundation in Chinese mainland 31 provinces and autonomous regions of the project, in the student, disabled, environmental protection and other public areas of public power fans. Whether it is already popular niche and burst of red flowers, or any other star, even is preparing for her debut trainees, fans in the name of autonomous idol dedication small public power of their own, and when these forces together contributed to the final realization of "national public mobilization". The idol of love into a little bit of goodwill, the public interest in the Chinese fans gather into positive energy. Fans love project continued to boost the fans "fans love public support plan? National public mobilization" is actually "fans love to plan")相关的主题文章: