Still have to rely on him! Little god broke out to teach him to open a man on the right (video)-aapt.exe

Still have to rely on him! Tang God teach a man to a small outbreak he opened the Star Warrior [] of Thompson Tang God 24 second half points after the hair to turn the tide of sports news November 14th Tencent said the German – Booker is Xiaotangshan God, three points in the contest last year, Booker Thompson gave a lot of pressure. But today the sun in the game against the warriors, Thompson thoroughly to buck a lesson, called "point guard skills". Thompson and Booker matchup concern game Thompson voted 11 to 18, three in 8 in 5, 3 free throws in 3 to get 30 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assists. In contrast, the sun god Xiaotangshan, is the same for 18 but only 6 in three, 5 in 1, 6 free throws in 6 to get 19 points and 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals and 1 blocks. The Thompson in the three – point line finally found the touch, 8 shots hit 5 balls, and he 5 shots in the area all the hits in distance, Tang God 5 throw in 1, the hit rate is not high. At the beginning of the game, the soup God is still not good out of the phone. Even if he did not perform well in the first few games, he was regarded as one of the most important points. He got only 2 points in the first quarter, and he still didn’t let go of the first few games. After the start of the second quarter, Thompson face each other in the lineup to score, is the first to use cover around a chance into the box layup, then followed by David West assists layup success. Shooting can not find touch soup God is not obsessed with outside shots, but ready to get into the paint, can cheat and train slowly feel foul. After this, the sun at Thompson was based on the breakthrough, gradually began to shrink the area of protection inside, Thompson was very upset, very difficult to catch, so Cole waved his hand, he changed the rest, has the opportunity to get exercise mccall. Maybe God is small in the end of the first half hit a buzzer to stimulate Thompson, the beginning of the second half after Thompson and Booker began to shoot a few balls. Since then, Brooks not what good a mobile phone, but rested the soup of God; two record three points big difference. After that, Cole continued to let God rest, today, Thompson played 33 minutes, rest for about 15 minutes. The fourth section to the Tang God show time in the sun, a wave of small climax will score even ahead of the time, Thompson stood out. He first pick Green assists layup, then again hit three points. The old warrior will Barbosa with color, Thompson cleverly made three free throws steadily hit, then he again received Green assists jumper. In 3 minutes, his record three points for the warriors basic lock victory. This soup 30 points to God and his season high fourth quarter 14 is the most critical, if not his small outbreak, warrior is likely to be in the sun down home court. Durant joined the warriors to make the original distribution of the ball had a great change, the game’s sudden outbreak of Thompson and he found his rhythm related. He was in the second quarter of the first half and the middle of the fourth quarter played his most familiar running without the ball, the ball shot or shot, this is courage.相关的主题文章: