Summary of the 2016 European Conference on computer vision (ECCV ’16 recap) – Sohu

Column | 2016 summary of the European Conference on computer vision (ECCV 16 Recap) – Sohu technology machine heart columnist: Wei Xiucan computer vision (Computer Vision, CV) in the field of artificial intelligence is an important research field. In recent years, with the great influence of CV research on the industry, computer vision has been paid more and more attention. The heart of the machine has arranged the ECCV ‘2016’ s best paper award. In this paper, the heart of the machine column Wei Xiucan recorded the minutes of the general assembly. As in other research areas with computer, CV still has a strong "plot" conference, the annual session of the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), two years International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) and the same two years European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) is called the three top in the field of CV, ICCV and ECCV parity alternately held. I have the honor to participate in the 2016 European Computer Vision Conference (ECCV 2016), in which the minutes of the conference to share with you. This is known as "ECCV" held in northern Venice called Holland psychedelic romantic city of Amsterdam, the meeting lasted nine days (October 8th to October 16th), described as "the main feast", from 11 to 14 days for four days, the rest of the time schedule for workshop. It is worth mentioning that the top of the field of multimedia ACM Multimedia (ACM MM) from 15 to 19 ECCV AI, also held in Amsterdam, it is enough to make people addicted. In addition, the city is filled with the smell of marijuana from time to time to give the two Congress added a different kind of mysterious atmosphere. ECCV will host the ECCV will be founded in 1887 in the Royal Theater Carré held, the number of participants registered about 1700 people. The effective number of contributors to 1561, a total of 74 Area Chairs and 1163 anonymous reviewers (Reviewers), 415 papers, 26.6% of the proportion of employment, 28 of which is Oral (1.8%), 45 Spotlight (2.9%). The theme of the paper is still a continuation of the traditional, covering all aspects of computer vision and pattern recognition, including: deep learning (DL), 3D, video, etc.. The reviewers, but also DL, 3D and other aspects of the draft habitat, especially the depth of learning n相关的主题文章: