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Suzhou many batches of drinking water source protection or improper checked bacteria exceed the standard in October 6th, learned from the Suzhou Municipal Food Safety Office, during the national day of the food and drug administration, inspection and quarantine departments jointly issued a recent sampling of food safety information bulletin. The bottled drinking water, vegetables, spices, cakes, soy products and other varieties, the total sampling of 871 batches, among them, 26 batches of substandard, a pass rate of 97.01%. In batches of substandard batches, a number of drinking pure water was found excessive bacteria. This was found to exceed the standard bacteria are pure drinking water, Man Group Co. Ltd. 18.9L Kunshan City Zhangpu Aijieer barrels 18.5L barrels of pure water drinking pure water, Kunshan Chuangqi water purification Limited company 18.9L 18L barrels and barrels of drinking water, Taicang City, Fu Qiao Zhen Hao source pure water purification equipment factory of 18L barrels of drinking pure water, ultra pure water industry 17.2L Su blue barrels of drinking water, Suzhou Yangshan natural mineral water Co. Ltd 18.5L barrels of natural mineral water and other 21 batches of drinking water. The main bacteria were Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In Suzhou District Dongting mountain natural mineral water supply station Xin Kang joined 5L barrels of spot checks of the Dongting mountain drinking natural mineral water, not only was found in Pseudomonas aeruginosa has also been found to exceed the standard, the batch of counterfeit water Dongting mountain drinking water. According to reports, Pseudomonas aeruginosa were more common in the water, air, normal skin, respiratory tract and intestine, easy survival in a humid environment, it has strong resistance to disinfectants, ultraviolet radiation, the lower body resistance under particular conditions can cause disease. Pseudomonas aeruginosa may exceed the standard reason is improper protection of water, water pollution; process control is not strict; packaging materials of cleaning and disinfection of the defects caused by. Experts suggest that the public to buy drinking water, bottled water production enterprises should choose to obtain a food production license, good reputation, regular brands, while observing the packaging label shall be clear, eye-catching, easy to identify and reading. Qualified bottled drinking water is colorless, clear and transparent, no smell, no smell, no impurities and precipitation, not visible to the naked eye, the cap without loosening, inverted bucket is not Water Leakage. Bottled drinking water should be as soon as possible after opening, drinking, placed too long easy to breed bacteria. In addition, regular cleaning and disinfection of drinking fountains regularly, for a long time unused drinking fountains, when in use must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to prevent two pollution. Extended reading: turbid water will pollute drinking water life help (video has nothing to do with the article, for reference only)相关的主题文章: