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Taiwan Miaoli county fiscal crisis debt of up to 67 billion 600 million yuan – Beijing Chinese Taiwan network October 7th news according to Taiwan "Central News Agency" report, according to the Miaoli County Audit Office report, as of the end of 2015 Miaoli County debt is still as high as 67 billion 600 million yuan (NT, the same below), said the county finance department, although the full year to plan 3 debt to 500 million yuan, nearly 20 years to reach the fear to comply with the "bond" specification. According to the Audit Department of Miaoli County Audit Office released 2015 annual final accounts audit report, Miaoli county government over the past year and less than 1 years of outstanding public debt exceeded the limit of the balance, the total amount of $39 billion 280 million. As to the Taiwan authorities raised 16 billion 730 million yuan, by distribution tax and special accounts and fund loan before the annual payment of 11 billion 610 million yuan payable retained some liabilities, total liabilities amount is still as high as 67 billion 600 million yuan. The audit department pointed out that the county government subsidy income exaggerated superior long-term budget, resulting in serious short year, public debt exceeds the limit, and shall be adjusted by fund accounts and pay cash, ultimately caused the failure. Among them, the long and short-term public debt outstanding balance, since 2011 341.2 more than 100 million yuan, rising to 2015 by the end of 392.8 more than 100 million yuan, the debt ratio exceeds the prescribed respectively public debt law "50% and 30% limit. Miaoli county magistrate Xu Yaochang after taking office at the end of 2014, to open the drawer are empty to describe the county library. The county fiscal crisis, and former county magistrate Liu Zhenghong was taking a firefight, in order to raise out of the staff salary, engineering contractor to Dunning arrears, busy by the Taiwan authorities finally scorched by the flames, "Ministry of finance" to coordinate the establishment of Taiwan bank financing platform, and accept the administration of financial control mechanism, only slightly solution as pressing danger. Taiwan "monitor" yesterday before the magistrate Liu Zhenghong who ignore the fiscal expenditure still deteriorated significantly, a substantial expansion, beyond the statutory debt limit, and regardless of improvement requirements do, identified as a serious loss, through the impeachment of Liu Zhenghong. He said, "respect the investigation and treatment of the control yuan".相关的主题文章: