Taiyuan this winter heating price! Look at how much money you have to pay home-bleep

Taiyuan this winter heating price! Let’s see how much your house has to pay. It’s getting cooler and cooler, and it’s time to pay the annual heating fee, but do you know how much your house has to pay? Note: 1, with a warm price: non residential building height of more than 3.2 meters, each more than 0.1 meters, according to the heating area calculation of the heat fee of 3%. Cultural, educational and protective public facilities are up to 100%. And No. [2010]40 2, urban and Rural Committee on oil and gas prices, heating power and other ways, the spirit of fairness, justice and openness, temporarily by negotiation pricing. (Jin Jin Shang word [2005] No. 335) 3, public building two part heating price standard: according to the basic heat price of 30%, measuring heat price 70% to determine. The basic heat price =11.25 yuan building square meters: heating season; measuring heat price =0.344 kwh. The basic heat fee = basic heat price × heating area of heat metering and charging metering heating price = × the heat meter of the consumption of non resident fee = basic fee + hot hot heat metering and charging (price and business word 2013 No. 115) 4 residents, "two heat prices" standard: basic heat price according to the construction area accounting for 5.4 yuan M2? (heating period, heating period by the use of the area accounting for 7.2 yuan M2?) measuring heat price: 0.165 yuan KWH user fee = basic fee + hot hot heat metering and charging the basic heat price = × heating area + heat metering and heat meter readings (× price and price; taking the word 2012 No. 169) source: Sanjin Metropolis Daily

太原今冬供暖价格定了!看看你家得交多少钱   天气渐凉,又快到了一年一度交暖气费的时候,但是,你知道你家得交多少钱?   注:   1、 用暖价格:非居民建筑层高超过3.2米的,每超过0.1米,加收按供热面积计算的热费的3%。文化、教育以及保护建筑等公益性设施加收至100%为止。 并城乡管委发[2010]40号   2、对燃油、燃气、用电等其他方式的供热价格,本着公平、公正、公开的原则,暂由供需双方协商定价。(晋价商字[2005] 335号 )   3、公共建筑两部制热价标准:按基本热价30%,计量热价70%确定。基本热价=11.25元 建筑平米?采暖季;计量热价=0.344元 千瓦时。   基本热费=基本热价×供热面积   计量热费=计量热价×热计量表计量的耗热量   非居民热费=基本热费+计量热费(并价商字〔2013〕115号 )   4、居民“两部制热价”标准:基本热价:按建筑面积计费为5.4元 m2?采暖期(按使用面积计费为7.2元 m2?采暖期)   计量热价:0.165元 KWH   用户热费=基本热费+计量热费 =基本热价×供热面积+计量热价×热表读数(并价商字〔2012〕169号 )来源:三晋都市报相关的主题文章: