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Takeaway O2O war going on, is driven by financial capital operation, or win? Sohu technology M & A is the most sensitive nerve O2O, any small stones thrown into the lake will lead to fluctuations in public opinion. At the beginning of September, micro-blog on Baidu Nuomi, Baidu takeaway packaged acquisition to the United States Mission news spread like wildfire. Baidu subsequently denied, media of takeaway O2O impression is still stuck in the burn loss phase, it is easy to put the previous traces on the self consistent logic of "facts": such as the U.S. group comments CEO Wang Xing in Yabuli forum threatened to end the war within half a year away; again reminiscent of Robin Li in the Baidu World Conference on artificial intelligence is now the core of Baidu strategic core…… If this trip means complete and unified group purchase market, will be directed at the opponent, takeaway market – hungry, There is not much left. reputation. Don’t forget, the U.S. Group reviews and glutinous rice "gene" is the group purchase group purchase mode from, to attract consumers into the restaurant to enjoy preferential started, the takeaway O2O act in a diametrically opposite way, to the store directly to the consumer before the end of delicacy; the two is the same for a group of young users especially white-collar crowd, the latter lazy is more in line with the economic trend. After the first half of the fight a desperate, hungry start by U.S., glutinous rice as a "natural enemy", and gradually become the "learning object" takeaway O2O. Take out the war had not stopped, burst out from time to time push people to compete for business resources in the event of friction. In today’s capital to choose sides under the condition that the hungry is surrounded by giant prey, or more aggressive hunters? Hungry, the trend of eye-catching. In September 6th, hungry officials announced the founder and CEO of Zhang Xuhao’s cultural tour internal training speech video (note not release, this is a very interesting detail), hungry not only to let employees know 15000 things, entrepreneurship early heart logic and the direction of development, the outside world also indirectly responded to their views on friends of the business merger rumors. In the first half Internet plus, O2O is still a takeaway takeaway in a hotly contested spot before not involved in Internet technology, and have not formed the scale and industry, the market just need to have, after the hungry in room for vertical cut in takeaway O2O coverage to become consumer groups most widely, the highest frequency of consumption, subsidies the largest market quickly, said the takeaway O2O O2O is all the teacher too. It can be said that the takeaway O2O is never simple vertical category competition, but to become a multi category O2O platform user base and traffic "entrance", which is why in the winter capital, takeaway O2O wars still inextricably involved the origin. The group comments urgent to the United States market, but the market value of Groupon plummeted, group purchase mode in Wall Street is not pleasing. The United States Mission for comment on the strategic adjustment to create a one-stop Internet plus platform. Because not all traditional industries can be integrated with the Internet, the most promising is to dominate the food and beverage industry. United States Mission review in July this year, integrated into the store, takeaway and catering ecological platform set up catering platform". The United States delegation comment advantage is to push the iron dry Jiawei building!相关的主题文章: