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Tang Yan Li Yifeng "couples dress" Fashion Week debut cannot shine [Abstract] September 14, 2016 Beijing time, Coach spring 2017 show kicked off, the sugar and the peak ran to see the show ~ two other is simply "couples dress" quite fashionable brisk, the combination with the frame is simply to make the reader. Fulima, sir. Oh, Tang Yan wearing a Red Baseball Jacket Oversize take the same color retro floral skirt, Harness boots, the overall shape of the beautiful youth, fashionable and lively, will undoubtedly become the spotlight on a show to this LOOK a perfect mark no problem ~ Tang Yan really is a great figure. Do not need to wear casually win a beautiful, this is the right to open the way to see the show! Look at Li Yifeng, a black leather jacket with the same color of pants, a easy chic, but the ride A red T-shirt let the overall shape become eye-catching, by the way, next to Tang Yancou a couples dress, you peak full careful machine ~ two people are the main campus youth wind appearance, red tone couldn’t be brisk, haha ~ two is good to discuss in advance? Simply can not take more Oh ~ look forward to more than two people look at the show it! 2017 spring and summer fashion week in New York: Coach rock element rock your eyeball相关的主题文章: