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Teach girls to choose cosmetics university teachers to burn cream to distinguish the quality of good or bad winter with what more moisture? How to choose skin care products? What cosmetics are qualified? In order to relieve the girls problems, teach you how to identify skin care products is good or bad, yesterday, Wuchang Institute of food science opened a special "skin care" experimental class, the students were crowded around. Weak acid is more conducive to the skin, can enhance the skin’s resistance." The classroom, the teacher, the school of environmental engineering specialty food Luo Jie took out a piece of pH paper, stainless steel long handle spoon in three different brands Cleansing Cream each take a small amount of light, on paper, by observing the color of the test paper to test the pH changes. "The cosmetics containing additives, mineral oil, alcohol and other chemical components, low melting point, easy combustion." Season replacement, many students use skin care products, but due to improper selection of a lot of problems. On how to select qualified cream link, Luo Jie with a small spoon will win a certain brand of cream amount, put the alcohol lamp burning, until completely burn cream, cream and observe whether flammable is left a black residue. She demonstrates the side to remind you that good cream is not easy to burn, and there is little residual combustion. The foundation will be placed in the water, do not touch the cup side, not floating, not sink at the end of the cup is qualified foundation." We are keen for a brand of air cushion foundation cream, Luo also spare no effort to help detect demo. Reporters on the scene saw nearly 20 pages of courseware, involving the lives of girls commonly used facial cleanser, makeup, makeup remover and other products, more than 30 on-site experimental products. (reporter Yang Jiafeng correspondent Lei Lei Wang Xiaoyu) Master teach you hand cosmetics covert attention Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: