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Shanxi 10· 17 "poverty day will carry out ten activities in the Shanxi daily news (reporter Zhao Jianjun) October 8th morning, reporters from the provincial government held a" 10· 17 "on poverty alleviation activities coordination meeting was informed that this year" 10· 17 "poverty alleviation, the province will carry out ten activities. From the beginning of 2014, China will set up in October 17th of each year as "poor", this is China’s third "poverty day". This year "10· 17" poverty alleviation, ten activities in our province carried out specifically for: a study of general secretary held important expositions of poverty alleviation and Development Forum; the two is to start tackling poverty responsibility main sign countersigned activities; three is the village cadres held precise helping to promote, organize cadres at all levels to further impoverished county villages and households to carry out accurate assistance activities; four is held to resettle in Lvliang site will promote; five are held in poor areas of the province county Party leading precise poverty special training; six is the organization to carry out poverty alleviation project eight twenty special action to promote the implementation of a series of activities; seven is the start of poverty alleviation award in recognition of a series of activities; eight is the organization to carry out "go grassroots reporters, precise poverty" activities; nine is a proposal to the province’s poverty alleviation, organized on poverty alleviation" A series of promotional activities; the ten is the promotion of agricultural products in poor areas to carry out a series of activities to help farmers increase income line.

山西“10·17”扶贫日将开展十项活动   山西日报讯(记者 赵建军)10月8日上午,记者从省政府召开的“10·17”扶贫日活动协调会上获悉,今年“10·17”扶贫日,我省将开展十项活动。   从2014年开始,我国将每年的10月17日设立为“扶贫日”,今年是我国的第三个“扶贫日”。今年“10·17”扶贫日,我省开展的十项活动具体为:一是举办学习总书记扶贫开发重要论述座谈会;二是启动脱贫攻坚责任书主签副签活动;三是召开全省干部驻村精准帮扶推进会,组织各级机关干部深入贫困县进村入户开展精准帮扶活动;四是召开全省易地扶贫搬迁吕梁现场推进会;五是举办全省贫困地区县级党政主要领导精准扶贫专题培训班;六是组织开展脱贫攻坚八大工程二十项专项行动推进落实系列活动;七是启动脱贫攻坚评选表彰系列活动;八是组织开展“记者走基层,精准扶贫行”活动;九是向全省发出扶贫济困倡议书,组织开展“扶贫日”系列宣传活动;十是开展助农增收线上线下促销贫困地区农特产品系列活动。相关的主题文章: