Tesla founder will urge the China electric vehicles to enter the United States winavi

Tesla founder will urge Chinese electric vehicles to enter the Tencent in the United States Automobile News Beijing on September 29th news, according to electrek website reported recently, people rarely heard from Tesla co-founder Martin · Eberhard (Martin Eberhard) related news. Because with another famous co-founder of Tesla, Elon Musk disagree, · Martin · Eberhard resignation from the CEO of Tesla’s position in 2008. He has been a short-term guide to the United States in the United States electric vehicle research and development work, and later joined the company founded by another Tesla Tesla Atieva electric car company. Last year, Martin · Eberhard also left the company. Now, Martin · Eberhard and back again, as a China electric car company consultant, and the company is planning to enter the U.S. market. China’s motorcycle and small truck manufacturer – Chongqing well-off industry group Limited by Share Ltd announced at a news conference today, has hired Eberhard as a consultant. A group said that in September 22, 2016, the company and one of the founder of Tesla before Eberhard signed a contract period of 2 years. An industry group founded a company called "SF Motors" of the car company in the United States, Eberhard will be responsible for keeping the company products "become the new energy vehicles to integrate the world’s most outstanding talents of wisdom. At the same time, he will also promote the company’s product positioning in the United States, research and development, design, technical innovation, talent reserves and market development work." Well off industrial group is currently the main manufacturer of commercial vehicles and small trucks, in addition to the production of electric motorcycles and gasoline powered motorcycles. An industry group has clearly said in the press conference, the company is seeking to enter the United States electric car market, hoping to gain a foothold in the United States, but it is unclear which companies in the United States in the future production models. The company will join several other China automobile manufacturers and high-tech companies to invest in the United States and the development of electric vehicle products, these companies include LETV cooperation, Beijing and NextEV company etc.. Last year, media reports said, Eberhard and Tesla co-founder Mark · Peng Ning (Marc Tarpenning) tower to the electric motorcycle start-up company Alta Motors investment. This is backed by two Tesla founder behind the electric motorcycle company, to the market and users launched its first electric motorcycle Redshift.相关的主题文章: