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That year, we followed the long Ying, around Canada (a) miss party long Ying – Sohu travel friends home, asked me: why so many days no longer write blogs? Wanted to think, "because long Ying……" you don’t know, whenever you open a computer file, when preparing the codeword, always look at the front page, look at the last write? So the dragon will inevitably appear: he for each blog with the location of the picture, he used the recorder to make records, his brief contact with WeChat… Together in front of. Then, a handsome man, so intelligent, less language school, drove us from Washington to Washington, the United States around a circle around Around! Across the 34 states in the United States, 11 national parks, 5 National Memorial Park, (one of 8 World Heritage); the southeast corner of the West (Key West), the southwest corner of San Diego (San Diego), the Yellowstone National Park (Yellow Stone), medium and small city and town in Niagara Falls over the rainbow countless; the bridge, went to the two Canadian provinces Ontario, Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal 3 city, go back to the United States in the northeast corner of Arcadia (Acadia)…… for 50 days, from the east coast to the west coast, and from the west coast through the four exhumation, desert, night two of the most famous one highway (1, connection between the mainland and Florida Keys, Florida, Miami from Miami – Key West, the entire 250 km west of the Florida Highway 1 Overseas Highway, Florida . 2, from the southern Losangeles near Dana Point, along the coastline extends to the north of San Francisco near Leggett, 656 miles from California highway), crossing the Snow gleams white. bear tooth high-speed driving alone… He… A robust and confident, let us in the more than 22 thousand and 500 km journey, did not feel the slightest jolt, no vehicle slightly rub — let people worship, near perfect super driver. Long Ying is a junior high school in our 101 alumni, never knew him at school. The spring of the 14 year, we plan to travel around the United States and Canada, a few girls worry about driving safety, want to ask a master American Road and the traffic rules of peers, is the best boys! That’s what happened to Long Ying. He has a green card, with a few companions peer is small, a few decades ago, adjacent neighbors love self driving; before, is said to have been in the United States on the road across the two time around, once, and he had handled the retirement procedures, there is enough time to meet our tour of the 50 day of the plan. The first meeting to study the trip, a small flood sent him a simple address, he drove the car directly to the district downstairs, Xiao Hong said with a smile: This is not used to pick GPS! Long Ying said that the new bought a recorder, after modification can record the scenery along the way. Pay attention to his computer.相关的主题文章: