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The bank lobby manager trained for 6 years to prevent piercing eye remittance fraud hundred times – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Zou Wei correspondent Xiao Ping Li Ling wins in Gaochun District patriotic) Agricultural Bank Nanjing branch China Sam, a lobby manager named Zhao Yihong, 6 years in time to prevent telecommunications fraud money 100 times, to help victims of direct economic losses about 1000000 yuan, and the local people like to have a pair of "piercing eye recognition of telecommunications fraud". Zhao Yihong 51 years old this year, usually the main job is to guide customers to handle business, as well as customer triage consulting. On Wednesday, a pair of ATM young men and women came to the Agricultural Bank of China Nanjing branch of the SAM before opening the page to handle transfer business. Zhao Yihong see two people a little mysterious expression, immediately judge may have a problem, they came up to ask. "What business do you want to do?" Zhao Yihong asked. "Transfer to an acquaintance." Male youth answer. How to transfer the acquaintance of the English interface? Can you read it?" Zhao Yihong saw the young man after the operator interface, more convinced of his own judgment, and immediately stopped the behavior of young men, to remind him: you must be encountered telecommunications fraud. I see too many swindlers, they set the trap, you must not transfer." Originally, the young men received a unit of information, said the 3600 yuan prize, let him take the bank card to the ATM machine on the other side instructions, for convenience to 3600 yuan to the young men on the card. In fact, the interface on the English he simply can not understand. However, because they do not want to let others know that the young man had just lied to Zhao Yihong lied to transfer to acquaintances". Because Zhao Yihong discourage timely, the young man on the bank card 20 thousand yuan of money has not been a liar "sets" go. Telecommunications fraud is rampant now. Most of the time, one day I can encounter 3 for the transfer of deception. Among those who cheated, the more than and 40 year old woman was the most; followed by the male of the age of more than and 50." Zhao Yihong said. Zhao Yihong said, do this line for a long time, plus their own special attention to observe, experience naturally more. A lot of beipianzhe expression and people are not the same, there is fear, some mysterious, some very excited but deliberately endured, even sneaking. So, as long as the money is to be cheated, as long as he can see the basic judgment. Agricultural Bank of China branch of the relevant person in charge, in recent years, telecommunications fraud is high, they take a series of measures, only 1 this year, August, the Agricultural Bank of China Nanjing area on the successful interception of telecommunications fraud of 253 passengers, to help customers avoid the economic losses of more than 464 yuan.相关的主题文章: