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"The beauty of scientists" don’t call me "Yan Ning as a female scientist" – Sohu   entertainment; " beauty scientist " Yan Ning lecture Sohu entertainment news speak of female scientists, we may think of Mrs. Curie, winner of the Nobel prize in medicine Tu Youyou. The white coat, his thick lenses, holding a variety of tube, this is probably the first impression to female scientists. But the structural biologist, Professor of medicine at the Tsinghua University — Yan Ning may subvert us for "female scientists" impression, dress fashion, humorous and funny, really looks like a scientist. In August 31, 2016, the famous international journal "Nature" online published an important achievement of Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of life sciences, entitled "Structure of the voltage-gated calcium channel Cav1.1 at resolution 3.6?". In this study, the frozen electron microscope structure of rabbit Cav1.1 complex was analyzed at 3.6 nominal resolution. Yan Ning, a professor at Tsinghua University, is the author of the paper. The Saturday night 22:38, made by CCTV integrated channel China first youth TV open class "lecture you will be invited to the" beauty "scientist", she will be at the scene and share their research results, it seems — scientists should not be divided between men and women in Yan Ning, she encouraged to follow your own heart all female, brave to do their own. Don’t call me "female scientist" long hair, purple coat, a pair of high heels, when Yan Ning came out from the podium, the audience are amazing. Even small Sa also ridicule way: "you can not call Yan Ning, called ‘Yan value’ good!" Yan Ning immediately responded: "that ‘Ning’ sent you!" After the appearance of Yan Ning, xiaosa bluntly "overthrow of my female scientists imagine", did not think this sentence was Yan Ning "counterattack": "the scientist is a scientist, why is preceded by a ‘female’ word? This is called discrimination!" On why so few female scientists, Yan Ning to share their experiences abroad and their views on this issue. In 2015, Yan Ning took part in the annual meeting of structural biology in Sweden, which brought her a lot of touch. In Sweden, the proportion of women scientists speakers actually accounted for 50%, while in China, the United States and other countries, the proportion of female scientists are very poor, Yan Ning can not help but ask, where are the women scientists? Yan Ning said: "my students, girls are very good, you can choose the path of scientific research in the end of the little girl." In this regard, Yan Ning analysis, women in the face of family and career choice is easy to fall into confusion, the external factors affecting the girls choose to stick to the road of science. But Yan Ning said: "we need to make this society slowly see more and more women can succeed." And to encourage all women at the scene, follow their own hearts, brave to do their own. The rumor: at this stage to starve the cancer cells can not be achieved! Speech, Yan Ning points to everyone.相关的主题文章: